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J’s Journey File -01- the trip starts!

have you seen Takki’s J’s Journey yet!??? º D º ?

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Here it comes again º D º !!

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Hello Minna!! ひさしぶり!! \ º D º /

do you still here? jejejeje

I know it’s been a year since my last update, but that damn previous year was a nightmare for me, work, money and also personal things made 2012 my worst year ever!! (I really hope that yours had been a better one ú_ù) and as a result I almost didn’t follow T&T things Ú_ù

yes, I’m the worst fan ever ú__ù

I didn’t read reviews of their concerts, (of course no money enough to go to one XD but it’s not a bad fan thing) didn’t watch tv programs that Takki or Tsuba were guests, (only Akuto drama). I didn’t check the j-web or watch Takki channel. I didn’t bought TEN album, and didn’t post anything on their anniversary Ú___Ù !!! waruineeee!!

Anyway after all those confessions I wanna start a new year as the older ones, following as fas as I can T&T and posting about it, because it was sooooooo fun when I did it before and I want to have the fun I didn’t have on 2012 this year Ù u Ú !!

Part of that decision is, as usual, thanks to Takki * = * I’ve watched the J’s Journey and can’t help to draw something and share it with you all!! * D * !!

So let’s stop reading that awful boring post and gime just 5 minutes to write the next one º D º I’m sure you’ll like it as you did before

ja! ことしもがんばります!


PS. please forgive me if I’m late with the posts, with the work and so on, I spend 3 days writing and drawing those 2 posts x___x 3 days when I used to do it in just 1??!!! arrrgg X___x I REALLY WANT MORE TIME!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day º D º

Wiiiii here again to wish you a happy valentine’s day  * D * !

yeah, those who follow me on fb you’ll know it but I’m being a little bit addicted to another guy those days, Takki’s refering to Benedict Cumberbatch, an English actor who played “Sherlock” tv series, have you watched it yet? no!? WTF! STOP READING THIS SHIT AND DOWNLOAD IT!! Ò [] ó!

seriously that tv series worth it ~<3

and after watching it, I don’t really know why, I became an a Sherlock addicted * = * !! I guess it’s not gonna be as my addiction to Takki & T&T but… it’s becoming stronger XD I even started a Tumblr blog
anyway, I’m not gonna forgot my darling valentine so easily, so Takki, here you have your drawing as a present.

I hope all you enjoy like it to n___n

and here comes the goods * = *

yeeaaah my Kakumei’s goods arrived!! * = * !!! (thankyuuuu Neko-chan ❤ you know I love you ¡ D ¡ )


wiiiii!!! I have one of that gorgeus Fluffy blankets! > D < kyaaaa “It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!!

seriously, best Concert Good EVER! * = * I wanna wear it forever !! 

also got a pamphlet and Hidezo’s chibi * D * 

ap! and my copy of Hearful Voice Takki-Tsuba edition n__n

and with that priceless parcel it goes a lots of inspiration….  Continue reading ‘and here comes the goods * = *’

Good’s Revolution * = *

OMG! have you seen the Kakumei’s 2012 goods?

What can be softest & cuttest than Tono himself?

Tono wearing that AWESOME blanket ¡ = ¡ !

I just can’t help it ….


This time I didn’t want to buy any goods from Kakumei, main reason is because I still having no money X_x ! also now the ¥ is freaking expensive (if you have to buy it with €) so I convince myself not no buy anything but the pamphlet.


but then my dear friend Kat show me the pictures of that awesome blanket and the cute Hidezon and… of course…


I NEED THEM!!! Ò____________Ó!!!


So…. Takki-sama… thans for made me start the 2012 year being the poorest but happiest fan in the world

(now just let’s think how to earn more more money, sigh ´\(Ú u Ù)/`)

Best T&T anniversary EVER!

Hii hii!! once again it’s Tackey & Tsubasa Anniversary > D < yeeeeeeiiii!!! 

one more year full of our dearest idols moments to celebrate º D º 

this time I think it’s the best I have ever! 

first cause yesterday my friend Patri came from Japan and she bought me Journey Journey singel!! º D º !! I have it soo quickly that I almost wanna cry XDD (it deserves another post when I finish Tsubasa’s journey journey suit jejeje)

also time for celebrate cause Patri also help me to login in Johnny’s net with my Ipad, so now.. now…. 


omg it was such a long time wishing saying that!! yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiii!!! 

So today I’m gonna finish some unfinished works and watch T&T matsukicon, cause it’s the day!! muahahahaha!!! > D <

fact: it’s also Catalunya’s (the place where I live) most important day too but who cares when you can celebrate something better XDDDD 











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