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and here comes the goods * = *

yeeaaah my Kakumei’s goods arrived!! * = * !!! (thankyuuuu Neko-chan ❤ you know I love you ¡ D ¡ )


wiiiii!!! I have one of that gorgeus Fluffy blankets! > D < kyaaaa “It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!!

seriously, best Concert Good EVER! * = * I wanna wear it forever !! 

also got a pamphlet and Hidezo’s chibi * D * 

ap! and my copy of Hearful Voice Takki-Tsuba edition n__n

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Playing with SketchBookExpress

Today I install a free drawing app for mac and I just play a little with it. I didn’t have something special in mind, I just leave my hand free and I made up with that sketch…


I guess my head is so much full of Takki thoughts XDDD

Maybe tomorrow I can post another sketch I have from my notebook… um…どうしよう。。。

what are you doing now Queen A? ô º ô?

weee!! back again with news jejeje

My laptop  has finally recovered his power so I can get back with new drawings now * D * happy!

About the end of Orthros no Inu, I’ve not draw anything yet jejeje, I love it so much, it’s so much perfect that I can not ruin it with my baka-comics XDD anyway, I’ll still thinking in something, it deserves at least one final more fanart º 0 º yosh!

But now my head is full of something else…. something like that….


jejeje did you recognize him right? TAKI RANGER!!!  > D < !!!

since I got my Hikaru Hitotsu cd’s that I can’t gett him off my thoughts, I LOVE THE SONG, and every time I listen to it I can picture a anime movie in my head XD so I decided to try, with all my effort this time, to do an animation about Takki ranger Ò u Ó !!

this is how my desk looks like right now


full of Takki ranger sketches and half of the new Takki doll’s suit XD

However, I need a little help from my friends~

Can you help me with something? -more under the cut-

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During Hiatus Time

ひさしぶり!º D º/

It’s been long time sience my last update ne? almost 2 month wuo XD

gomen ne, but those days were a hell, I was so bussy that I wasn’t be able to draw and update the blog

ほんとに す ま み m(_ _)m

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Strap mania mode “ON”

Remember the X’mas con mini straps? the family has risen * D *


A few days ago I had to send a letter to Kat-chan, so I decided to present her and Mich (cause she lives in the same city n_n) with one of my chibi-dolls straps * u *

At first I wanted to do the “yume monogatari” one for both, but when I finished the first couple one, I don’t like it at all, so I try another one and finally I decided Kat adopt Crazy Rainbow ones and Mich Samurai > D < !!

I’m very happy because even it’s not so well done both tell me they like it a lot * URESHII *

but the problem now is… that I adopted Yumemo …. because I have an expecial affection for this song-pv and all… but… look


I don’t know where I should put they ¡ = ¡ !!


any suggestion? ¡ = ¡

* peep sketch of the straps and more photos of them under the cut *

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aah ~~ a lot of things happend in a few time, but there is something that don’t leave me sleep at nights since monday….

a no finished drawing >_< !!

(azuki at night trying to sleep)


dam it! I don’t know why but I can’t sleep well when I have a drawing half-done @__@ and the worst thing of all is that I don’t have time enought to finish it ¡ = ¡ buaaa I try to go to sleep at 11.30 cause I have to weak up very early in the morning, but when I’m on bed I can’t sleep @__@U bakazuki

I’m very bussy with work those days and I almost don’t have time to sit infront my pc and paint it. I’m also doing my best on it because um.. maybe it’s quite rude that I say it but I like this one a lot * D * THIS DRAWING EVEN HAS A BACKGROUND!! º [] º !!!!! wuooo!! (very strange in my drawings xD)

anyway, you have to wait till friday or saturday that I’ll be free all the day to finish it º D º *azuki’s whising it

and meanwhile you can ¿enjoy? my new summer icon, doozooo


Summer time boys and girls, eat icecream, rest a lot and wear Yukatas! XD

`cause you also are my sun * D *


I know I’d promised you another Evil Takizawa baka-comic, but I’ve not finised it yet XDD so I update with a Taiyou no kisetsu drawing n__n

Today Google remember that the summer begins * D * (Taiyo no kisetsu = the season of the sun) and so did the sun in my country X__x omg!! today is very hot!! I think cause that hotter weater I have a terrible headache this afternoon, but after a “siesta” and pills I feel better XD

I sketched this drawing long time ago but I never have the chance to finish it. Actually I wanted to do in a more “realistic” style but I’m soo use to draw little T&T than I have lost all my realistic style X__xUUU bakazuki!! and also have problems with the background = []= !! omg! I have to practice more and more XDDD

but anyway… it’s cute, ne? ó u òUU I hope you like it~~


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