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Merry x’mas T&T

Finally finished!! oeeee \ º D º /

you can donwload from here

and feel free to re-upload o re-post it everywhere º D º

I can’t believe I did it on time XD omg, I know it’s full of mistakes, as not compensated karaoke and a few “jumps” in animation, but it’s done with all my love ❤ ! it’s the better I can do in 3 days … having lost all the work I’ve done on wednesday because of not saving while working = ^ =!!! damn Flash… grr….

anyway, I hope you enjoy it, I wish you a merry christmas! eat a lot, get some presents and  have fun fun fun jejeje.

kisses and hugs from Azuki n_~

ps. if you didn’t know about the song, or you don’t understand the lyric in Japanese , check this link for listening to the real song , and here you have the translation, more or less @ 0 @:

真っ赤のお鼻の トナカイタッキーは

Takki the reindeer with the red nose

いつもみんなの 笑いもの

he was laugh by everybody

でもその年の クリスマスの日

but this year on christmas day

サンタのツバさんは 言いました

Tsuba-santa tell him

暗い夜道は ピカピカの

in the dark street on night, your glitter

おまえの鼻が やくにたつのさ

nose is gonna be helpful

いつも泣いてた トナカイタッキーは

always crying Takki the reinder

今宵こそはと よろこびました

that night was delighted



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