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Orthros no Inu DvD 発売!º0º



名前 ヒデなんとかでもいい!

yeeii!! today is the release of Orthros no inu DvD and … I’m not gonna have it U__u *sigh

It’s a pity cause I really love that drama, and that DvD cames with extras and a cute packaging ¡ = ¡ !! but I don’t have a simple cent XD

anyway, I’m gonna take it easy and take the advantage of being unemployed – which means nothing to do tomorrow- and declare tonight…

ORTHROS NO INU marathon night!!

yeaaah! who is join?

when I came back today from my Japanese class I’m gonna watch all the drama in one night! * D * !! tomorrow I’ll tell you the experience XD

*wondering if I’m gonna keep asleep all the night ó ~ òU*

Orthros no inu not over yet XD

What’s the best part of living in the other side of the planet? that you still getting Ryuzaki stuff even when he said goodbye a month ago * D * !! yeii!!

look what I’ve got today!!

Hikaru Hitotsu D jacket & Orthros no inu stuff!! * D * ureshiiiiii!!!

(Thanks a lot Mo, Kat & Mich ne! * D * )

more pictures under the cut

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Damn Ryo!

As you all know, last Orthros no Inu episode was a resume of the drama, and nothing new T  ^  T

I know is not his fault, but damn osakaboy! cause of him we lost 1 Orthros no inu episode .·º( ´ [] \)º·. buaaa *crying*

It’s not enought adding 20 minutes for each episode left, we still losing scenes, and THE BETTER THOSE SCENES WERE RYO ONES!! GRRR

anyway let’s stop moaning, and take it easy with a bit of humore XD

um… cause it’s a resume of the previous episodes, be careful

\ º 0 º / ORTHROS NO INU SPOILERS \ º 0 º /

it’s just something I coment, the rest are invented XDD

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Real BAKA BAKA comic ·_·U


This time in order to not to spoil you anything I only can choose that silly Wan Wan Ryuzaki as the cover drawing XD

\ º 0 º / ORTHROS NO INU EPISODE 6 SPOIL \ º 0 º /

baka-comic and fanart behind the cut… but remember, you’ve to watch file 6 before! n_~

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Behind the camera ò , o!


or more Orthros no Inu bakacomics XDD

This time lets see what happend when the shots recording stop n___n

\ º 0 º / ORTHROS NO INU EPISODE 5 SPOIL \ º 0 º /

(seriously, this time are 2 BIG SPOIL ò__o!!)

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Talking with Ryuzaki ó . o!


\ º 0 º / ORTHROS NO INU EPISODE 3 SPOIL \ º 0 º /

orthros no inu  3 episode baka comic under the cut n , n

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Orthros no Inu file 1


\ º 0 º / ORTHROS NO INU EPISODE 1 SPOIL \ º 0 º /

spoil and Baka comic under the cut n , nU

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