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愛はタカラモノ shui shui shui love love love

I got my cds today!! > D < kyaaaaaaa!!!!

… yes! I know it’s almost a month ago, but as I told you before I can’t order now on CDjapan, sigh ú_u my only option to not get fraud by Spanish customs is ordering via Yesasia… and it means wait a lot = [] = !!

anyway, even if  I have to wait more time, I don’t mind because I still can get T&T stuff * D *うれしいい!

about that cds… um… I have to say that the covers really look better on the cd, than in the preview I seen in internet… I didn’t like at all that close up T&T faces version of Jacket A & B but now I got it in my hands, it look pretty much better.. um.. I dunno why XD

and about what’s inside the singles, let me tell you all in the next post, cause I NEED to draw about that Ò 0 Ó!!!

also it was long time ago since last T&T doll post ne?, as you can see Takki has changed his hair jejeje, kinda strange but still kawaii > u < !!

actually they got another Ai wa Takaramono suit, but I’ven’t post the pictures here before! º 0 º ! gomen! my fault, here you have it * D *


they doesn’t look like the real ones at all XD again the fabrics are dificult to find, I know, Takki’s trousers are not brown = 3 = UU even thought  I can’t help doing that cute suit > u <

more pictures after the jump n_~

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Orthros no inu not over yet XD

What’s the best part of living in the other side of the planet? that you still getting Ryuzaki stuff even when he said goodbye a month ago * D * !! yeii!!

look what I’ve got today!!

Hikaru Hitotsu D jacket & Orthros no inu stuff!! * D * ureshiiiiii!!!

(Thanks a lot Mo, Kat & Mich ne! * D * )

more pictures under the cut

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まさか!I can’t belive it!! > D < ! I’m the luckiest girl in the world now!! * D * !! I GOT MY CD’s 1 DAY BEFORE IT RELEASES IN JAPAN!! ¡ D ¡ 幸せ並みだ

Thanks to CDJapan for being so much unprofesional and send it before time jujuju!

Actually I thought I’ll get it next week or later, cause usually it takes 1 week to reach Spain, I’m always the last fan to listen T&T songs XD, so you can imagine why I’m junping for joy !

\ º 0 º /  CD’s SPOILERS UNDER THE CUT \ º 0  º /

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