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who wants one of this!? º D º

Look at my last handcraft!

it’s a Kakumei mini clay figurine * D * !!

I’ve made it with all my love and the resoult is not so bad ne? the best part is that I’m gonna sell it! º D º yeeii

also, I can made for you whatever Takki clay figurine you want n______n

are you interested in buyin one? keep reading under the jump


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New handicraft º 0 º!

And this is how I spend today’s afternoon ò , o!!


a Takki’s clay figurine º D º !!

It’s kinda scary now because I couldn’t paint him XD I have to go tomorrow for paintings supplies, but even thought still being quite Kawaii ne? * D *

Even it’s not perfect, (I still being bad with anatomy =_=U), I enjoy a loooot doing it > u < I LOVE that kind of clay! It’s Super Sculpey one, it’s like the plasticine you used to play when you were young but once you bake it it becames hard as a rock!! º O º

I’ve discovered it last month doing a present for my friend Tsuki (those Twilight bookend) and now I think I’m a Super Sculpey fan! XDD Azuki discovers a new hobby XD

Even if it looks quite simple, I’ve spend ALL the afternoon doing it, it has a lot of work, I’ve watched the 2 premium T&T concert DvD’s plus the TakkiTsuba clips ò . o !! (well, actually I’ve listened, because I’ven’t payed much attention to the computer screen XD)

anyway this time I’ve remember to picture all the steps I’ve done, if you have time you can follow it under the cut n__n

hope you like it, and you’ll have the painted version soon… promise ! º 3 º !!

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Strap mania mode “ON”

Remember the X’mas con mini straps? the family has risen * D *


A few days ago I had to send a letter to Kat-chan, so I decided to present her and Mich (cause she lives in the same city n_n) with one of my chibi-dolls straps * u *

At first I wanted to do the “yume monogatari” one for both, but when I finished the first couple one, I don’t like it at all, so I try another one and finally I decided Kat adopt Crazy Rainbow ones and Mich Samurai > D < !!

I’m very happy because even it’s not so well done both tell me they like it a lot * URESHII *

but the problem now is… that I adopted Yumemo …. because I have an expecial affection for this song-pv and all… but… look


I don’t know where I should put they ¡ = ¡ !!


any suggestion? ¡ = ¡

* peep sketch of the straps and more photos of them under the cut *

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☆キラキラ☆ obsesion * D *

you know what “デコ電” (“dekodenwa”) is? examples here

I want to do the same with mi Ipod * D * ! I want to made it キラキラ !! kyaaa > D <

In fact it’s Clara’s fault cause she showed me yesterday that she is doing the same with her ipod and… you know… u , u …. I’m a very envious person * u * ~~ Photobucket

So, I started thinking on a design, just to have an idea of how many Swarovski cristal I need, and I decided that I want my Ipod looking something like that


* D * !!

but girls.. I need you to encourage me…. cause I’m not sure If I’m gonna be able to do it X_x

Maybe the hardest thing will be find the Swarovski XD cause in Spain that kind of decoration is not so much popular, so I’m not gonna find some Swarovski’s cristal cheaper imitation, or something U , U and I’m sure all those critals are gonna be very expensive x_x!!

Tomorrow I’ll go shoping and find out if I can afford it  Photobucket Ò u Ó <(faitoo!! oh!)

If somebody want to do the same with his/her mobile or Ds or Ipod, feel free to ask for a desing ne! XDDDD

SPREADING PhotobucketKIRA KIRA PhotobucketT&T LOVE \( * D * )/

Azuki’s handicrafts

* D *!! look what I’ve done these days XDDDPhotobucketPhotobucket

I wanted to do a new T&T strap for my movil phone that reminds me Takki Tsuba x’mas con * D * cause I LOVE STRAPS, all my things have a lot of straps, my friends say that I’m ill ·__· but I love it!! they’re usefull to find your things inside your bag without look at them xDDDD 

anyway, I’ve done it to put on my movil phone, but they’re  very big XDD so I find a better place for they !!! tataaan! 

XDD they’re gonna be my new “desk pest” XDDDD well actually my new “screen pets”

PhotobucketDPhotobucket kawaiii XDD




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