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Crane for Japan and something more n_~

Today I need to do something different, having that last week sticked to the computer, trying to catch Japan news was not healthy, so as things seems to go better and there was an special event in my city I decided to go out with my friends.

Our first stop was going at that special event, there was an association here that organize a meeting to make 1000 cranes for Japan and some shodo. I think you should know it, but in Japan they make or give 1000 origami crames to wish something or just wish luck. So we went to that place to make our contribution, of course T&T were with do their as well…


that picture was taken in at home, cause I forgot taking it in the origami place, but anyway I did a pin & violet crane as well n____n and the “愛” kanji from “愛はタカラモノ”

notice Tsubasa doll has a new look!! XDDD I changed his hair and sewed his mustache ú__u yeah I didn’t like it at all but… it’s his look now ´\(Ú . Ù)/` しょうがないよ!

Then we went to the beach, because it was close to the origami place… and I realize it was a great place to take pictures too!! º 0 º! bad luck T&T forgot to wear swimsuits… anyway the water is too cold to take a bath now XDDD


if you wanna see the rest of them, I liked that picture to the T&T facebook album n___n

and after have lunch, my friends give me a GORGEOUS surprise > D < !! kyaaaaa

tara ra ra raaaaannn….


They present me the T&T matsuri dvd!!!!! > D < ! supa*happy!

I couldn’t bought it before, because as I have said you I’m in a ruin right now X__x! zero money.

I was so sad for not having this, but, Maite, Marta Anna & Judith bougth it for me, for help their, and it was so unexpected that I almost cry… actually I droop a tear jejeje but as it was a happy tear doesn’t count!! I donto cry!! ù__u!! XD

damn you’re the best こうはいちゃんありがとう!<3

I’m so happy right now, it’s the best end for all those sadness and I can’t write more cause I have some dvd to watch jejejeje º D º !!

you’ll have more drawings son n_~ happy mood again! *chuchu*

T&T dolls have their own FB page

what started as a joke became true XDD

I made a Facebook page for T&T dolls º D º

it doesn’t have more than the things you can see in the blog, maybe old pictures, but… I dunno some one said it as a joke in fb and I thought it wasn’t so bad idea XDD

those days I’m getting ready a new layout for the blog, also have a project in mind, so be ready for changes in the page 😉 !!

mean while… become a fan!!! … oh no, it’s LIKE now XDD


the Johnny’s 2011 countdown


ooohh~~~  I mistake the color of Takki bunny!! damn Azuki! why I din’t paint it in Pink? it was something obvious!!  xDD

anyway, have you watch Johnny’s countdown already right?

my comments about the show under the cut

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Takki CHANnel present todoita yo! º 0 º

wiiii!! finally I got my x’mas Takki CHANnel present today  \ º D º /


To be honest at first I was confused


confused because I expected a Takki towel, as the one my friends get  = ^ =

that.. erm.. flag is kinda… um… disappointing? and it reminds me I couldn’t go to that concert… also the flag is crumpled = ^ =  so at first I didn’t know if I should be glad or not…


came on!

you know me and I’m not that ungrateful girl º D º

I got a present from Takkistaff , it’s free, it cames from Japan, it’s T&T, I’m gonna wave it when I watch the T&T matsuri dvd (if I got the money for buy it ¡ – ¡ ) and.. and… well, I’m sure it has tons of good things beside the bad things º D º right? > u < please Johnny’s keep being nice with foreing fans! we’ve suffer a lot those previos years XDD


ありがとう!!thanks a lot \ º D º /

btw, I’m working non-stoping to finish a x’mas present for all, jujuju, I’ll show you and avance


it’s an animation and this is just a frame of the intro, wait for the rest ¬ u ¬ muahaha I hope I’ll finish it before x’mas ¡ – ¡

should I send it to Takki CHANnel with the message “I deserve the towel!!” ?? XDDD just joking

** waves her T&T flag and go to work again**

愛はタカラモノ shui shui shui love love love

I got my cds today!! > D < kyaaaaaaa!!!!

… yes! I know it’s almost a month ago, but as I told you before I can’t order now on CDjapan, sigh ú_u my only option to not get fraud by Spanish customs is ordering via Yesasia… and it means wait a lot = [] = !!

anyway, even if  I have to wait more time, I don’t mind because I still can get T&T stuff * D *うれしいい!

about that cds… um… I have to say that the covers really look better on the cd, than in the preview I seen in internet… I didn’t like at all that close up T&T faces version of Jacket A & B but now I got it in my hands, it look pretty much better.. um.. I dunno why XD

and about what’s inside the singles, let me tell you all in the next post, cause I NEED to draw about that Ò 0 Ó!!!

also it was long time ago since last T&T doll post ne?, as you can see Takki has changed his hair jejeje, kinda strange but still kawaii > u < !!

actually they got another Ai wa Takaramono suit, but I’ven’t post the pictures here before! º 0 º ! gomen! my fault, here you have it * D *


they doesn’t look like the real ones at all XD again the fabrics are dificult to find, I know, Takki’s trousers are not brown = 3 = UU even thought  I can’t help doing that cute suit > u <

more pictures after the jump n_~

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Happy Valentine day! <3


\ ♡ D ♡ / ~ ♥♥

Choco for Tsubasa too


just joking neeee Tsuba darling you know that I love you too….not so much as Takki…. you’re my 2nd one!! º D º ! xD


I should be working with digital stuff = 3 =

but I still loving my markers XDD


OMG I’m so lazy girl, the fact is that I have a great idea, I want to do a animation with flash program but I’m lazy with computer stuff lately.

I think I get used to use my makers for drawing and now when I try to paint something in my computer I spend a lot of time with bad results =  ^ = !! dame dame

one example….

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