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Merry x’mas T&T

Finally finished!! oeeee \ º D º /

you can donwload from here

and feel free to re-upload o re-post it everywhere º D º

I can’t believe I did it on time XD omg, I know it’s full of mistakes, as not compensated karaoke and a few “jumps” in animation, but it’s done with all my love ❤ ! it’s the better I can do in 3 days … having lost all the work I’ve done on wednesday because of not saving while working = ^ =!!! damn Flash… grr….

anyway, I hope you enjoy it, I wish you a merry christmas! eat a lot, get some presents and  have fun fun fun jejeje.

kisses and hugs from Azuki n_~

ps. if you didn’t know about the song, or you don’t understand the lyric in Japanese , check this link for listening to the real song , and here you have the translation, more or less @ 0 @:

真っ赤のお鼻の トナカイタッキーは

Takki the reindeer with the red nose

いつもみんなの 笑いもの

he was laugh by everybody

でもその年の クリスマスの日

but this year on christmas day

サンタのツバさんは 言いました

Tsuba-santa tell him

暗い夜道は ピカピカの

in the dark street on night, your glitter

おまえの鼻が やくにたつのさ

nose is gonna be helpful

いつも泣いてた トナカイタッキーは

always crying Takki the reinder

今宵こそはと よろこびました

that night was delighted

feeling better with animation = u = ~~<3

I was felling blue and sad today but to cherry up myself a little I spend all the afternoon drawing * D *  

I have a “project” in mind about doing chibi gifs for msn, just cause I don’t like the boring yellow balls = [] = I wanted to do T&T in diferents expresions, so this afternoon I start doing some of them

there you have 4 chibi Takki gifs, for Tsubasa ones you have to wait a little xDD ( I love you too Tsuu~~ Photobucket)








um.. maybe they’re not gorgeous but.. they’re kawaii ne!? XDDD *promise to do better next time*

making gifs made me feel better, it’s a hard work but when you see the result of it is like… = u = あ~ぁ 気持ちいいい!XD

you know it, but, use it whatever you like, and re post it wherever you want I don’t mind n__~ (  º c º/ ~~ look great on msn!!)

つづく (to be continued) … someday  Photobucketomg choo usefull!!


First Entry: yoroshiku \ º 3 º /

Well.. as it’s my first entry here I only want to said you Wellcome º D º and explain a little what you will find here.

I’m sure you all know about me but let me introduce to everybody

I’m Azuki, 27years old Takki & Tsubasa Spanish fan. I love T&T above all the things on my life, I became such a T&T maniac that I can’t imagine a live without they 

I also love drawing, so I usually mix those big passions and thats how my drawings were born n_~ 

I want to make this blog just to put some order my drawins and all those stupids thinks that go round my head @ , @

In this blog you wil find entries with this tags:


I will post my T&T drawings inside that Tag, well in fact it was the propose of that blog ne n_~



Takki and Tsubi are sometimes so funny that they inspired me a lot of funny situations like this one

–Koi Uta release, the story of the C jacket–



please don’t belive it unless I said it xD I don’t want to create false stories or rumors or someting 

*animation gif*


sometimes my drawings move O o O!! XD I started doing it for msn icons but the animations became a really good way to spend a boring sunday afternoon xD I really enjoy doing it 


I haven’t tell you before, but I’m quite lazy girl, so a lot of times I forgot to finish my drawins or maybe I think they’re not so good to finish it, um.. an exaple


*Dolls pictures*

you can find in that tags photos I take of my Takki and Tsubi handmade dolls * u * !! they always came with me whereever I go º D º they became like my chibi-sons > u < lol maybe some day I explain you the hole stori around T&T dolls n__~


*Azuki stories*

I don’t have an example abou it, but you will understand it when I made some one XD. Just an space to post my *baka* thoughts 

and more or less that’s all n____n

please forgive my bad English x__x it’s not my first language but I want to write it on English to made it more international O o O!! XD you can leave me your comments in the language you want 😉

Also if you want to see old stuff you can find it on Takki-Tsuba net, and also in Takki Tsuba forum both in Fanart section º D º 

ok then !! Ittekimasuuuuu !!



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