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Have you watched Waratte koraete!?

The best thing of releasing a singel is that T&T are the guests of a lot of TV shows > D < yeeeiii 

so as lately there are such a lot of TV appearances I started a new section called “Have you watched….?”  º D º  

and the first one is….


of course as I don’t wanna spoil anything all my comments are after the jump n___n

and cause it’s not “download files” blog, I’m afraid you should search fot the TV program in other place. Should I recomend Takkius , becuase their owners are doing such a GORGEOUS work uploading all the tv shows where Takki is in > u < (Mich, Bon I love you <3) 

anyway, if you have watched Waratte koraete! (2011.08.24) keep reading n_~


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When SUPA CUTE is not enough * = *!!

Have you watched Journey Journey PV already?? 

wanna kyaaa with mee??? > D < kyaaa.

Damn, it’s so supa kawaii that in the same moment I watched it I thought


and here you have the result jejejeje as always I hope you like it

and if you don’ have enough, and you’re not so much Tsubasa’s Fan… you can continue reading after the jump º 3 º ~~ Photobucket

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Tsubasa’s Midnight Messages

fu fu fu ~~ ❤

have you watch Takki’s aparence in “Chubo desu yo!”? in that show Takki send a message to his aikata

aha! midnight messages? don’t be so nasty-mind girls, I know for sure what happends:


the time difference between Japan & Spain is 8 hours in winter and 7 in summer time = 3 = !! it always made it difficult when you wanna make a phone call between those countries, I lived it XD so I guess Tsubasa has the same problem n_~



との!お誕生日おめでとう!\ º D º /


あああ〜〜あたし最低のファンだよね (ú_ù;)


そして今日のタッキーの微笑みは明日よりニコニコ輝いているよ!だってあずきはその微笑みのかげでとのに恋に落ちたんだよ n_~





cause Fans want to help too

Our dear page came up with a great idea

via Facebook page

In preparation for Takki’s 29th birthday, we are working on a small birthday project and the re-opening of our website. But even during such a special occasion, it’s hard to set aside those feelings of worry, sadness and helplessness as Japan struggles to recover from the disaster that struck its northeastern coast on March 11, 2011.

That is why this year, instead of gathering birthday cards for Takki, we ask for everyone’s participation in our “Project 329 Nihon Ganbare! Fundraiser.” Our goal is to collect at least 32,900 YEN for the Japanese Red Cross before March 29, 2011. It is not a lot of money, but at this point, everything counts.

If you’d like to make a donation, please send it in JPY (Japanese yen) via Paypal to
(Please be sure to state that this is for “Project 329.” And please also keep in mind that Paypal will deduct certain transaction fees from your donation total.)

We would really appreciate a donation, but we understand if you cannot afford one at this time. If that is the case, please “Like” this post and leave a 329 character long “message of support” for Takki and for those who’ve been affected by this horrible disaster. For every “Like” and message, Mich and Bon will add 100 yen of our own money to the total. You are welcome to donate AND “Like” the post because we will still contribute 100 yen for the “Like.”

We realize we only have less than 9 days before the deadline (hence the small goal of 32,900 yen)… But despite the fact that we’re a very small community of fans, we know that there are a lot of you out there who truly care and would like to help. So we believe that we can definitely reach our goal in time for Takki’s birthday! Please spread the word and get everyone you know to show their support! Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

so, lets join our power to reach those 32.900 ¥ ! \ º D º /

or as it’s said, if you can’t just go a click on “like” button, and remember to share it with your friends.

Let’s support together Japan in that hard time, with all the world help and our encouragement I’m sure they’ll be better soon



quick & short post just to say

ありがとう ^ D ^

-news via Tackey & Tsubasa Facebook page

Crane for Japan and something more n_~

Today I need to do something different, having that last week sticked to the computer, trying to catch Japan news was not healthy, so as things seems to go better and there was an special event in my city I decided to go out with my friends.

Our first stop was going at that special event, there was an association here that organize a meeting to make 1000 cranes for Japan and some shodo. I think you should know it, but in Japan they make or give 1000 origami crames to wish something or just wish luck. So we went to that place to make our contribution, of course T&T were with do their as well…


that picture was taken in at home, cause I forgot taking it in the origami place, but anyway I did a pin & violet crane as well n____n and the “愛” kanji from “愛はタカラモノ”

notice Tsubasa doll has a new look!! XDDD I changed his hair and sewed his mustache ú__u yeah I didn’t like it at all but… it’s his look now ´\(Ú . Ù)/` しょうがないよ!

Then we went to the beach, because it was close to the origami place… and I realize it was a great place to take pictures too!! º 0 º! bad luck T&T forgot to wear swimsuits… anyway the water is too cold to take a bath now XDDD


if you wanna see the rest of them, I liked that picture to the T&T facebook album n___n

and after have lunch, my friends give me a GORGEOUS surprise > D < !! kyaaaaa

tara ra ra raaaaannn….


They present me the T&T matsuri dvd!!!!! > D < ! supa*happy!

I couldn’t bought it before, because as I have said you I’m in a ruin right now X__x! zero money.

I was so sad for not having this, but, Maite, Marta Anna & Judith bougth it for me, for help their, and it was so unexpected that I almost cry… actually I droop a tear jejeje but as it was a happy tear doesn’t count!! I donto cry!! ù__u!! XD

damn you’re the best こうはいちゃんありがとう!<3

I’m so happy right now, it’s the best end for all those sadness and I can’t write more cause I have some dvd to watch jejejeje º D º !!

you’ll have more drawings son n_~ happy mood again! *chuchu*



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