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J’s Journey File -01- the trip starts!

have you seen Takki’s J’s Journey yet!??? º D º ?

  photo oujiikoo_zps2093c29b.jpg


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and here comes the goods * = *

yeeaaah my Kakumei’s goods arrived!! * = * !!! (thankyuuuu Neko-chan ❤ you know I love you ¡ D ¡ )


wiiiii!!! I have one of that gorgeus Fluffy blankets! > D < kyaaaa “It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!!

seriously, best Concert Good EVER! * = * I wanna wear it forever !! 

also got a pamphlet and Hidezo’s chibi * D * 

ap! and my copy of Hearful Voice Takki-Tsuba edition n__n

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Have you watched Waratte koraete!?

The best thing of releasing a singel is that T&T are the guests of a lot of TV shows > D < yeeeiii 

so as lately there are such a lot of TV appearances I started a new section called “Have you watched….?”  º D º  

and the first one is….


of course as I don’t wanna spoil anything all my comments are after the jump n___n

and cause it’s not “download files” blog, I’m afraid you should search fot the TV program in other place. Should I recomend Takkius , becuase their owners are doing such a GORGEOUS work uploading all the tv shows where Takki is in > u < (Mich, Bon I love you <3) 

anyway, if you have watched Waratte koraete! (2011.08.24) keep reading n_~


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When SUPA CUTE is not enough * = *!!

Have you watched Journey Journey PV already?? 

wanna kyaaa with mee??? > D < kyaaa.

Damn, it’s so supa kawaii that in the same moment I watched it I thought


and here you have the result jejejeje as always I hope you like it

and if you don’ have enough, and you’re not so much Tsubasa’s Fan… you can continue reading after the jump º 3 º ~~ Photobucket

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Tsubasa’s Midnight Messages

fu fu fu ~~ ❤

have you watch Takki’s aparence in “Chubo desu yo!”? in that show Takki send a message to his aikata

aha! midnight messages? don’t be so nasty-mind girls, I know for sure what happends:


the time difference between Japan & Spain is 8 hours in winter and 7 in summer time = 3 = !! it always made it difficult when you wanna make a phone call between those countries, I lived it XD so I guess Tsubasa has the same problem n_~

Johnny’s net profile pictues

Another entry today (have some work accumulated jejeje) this time a Baka-comic about the news of the year!!

I’m sure you know it right now,  but just in case…

Johnny’s net has posted our idols pictures in the profile!!

º 0 º wooow!!!

I can’t believe it!! 0 [] o Johnny-sama is modernizing? or… as I and my friend suspected…. is he dead or something? ò_o??

seriously I’m really happy for that, cause it’s a first step * u *

and if you wanna know why he took that loong timeeee…


I’m sure he was trying to find a way to get money for that picutes too… jejejeje (joking)

Tsubasa’s Spanish Classes

sorry I couldn’t help it  XDDD


Tsubasa!! I’ll be watching you! ò_o

you better don’t teach bad slang Spanish to Takki ò__o grrr



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