T&T dolls, as you know well, are two plush hand made dolls about Takki and Tsubasa.

They’re original made by Azuki and friends, and they’re not for sale.

I enjoy a lot living all the T&T facts with them. including sewing their new suits, watching dvd, listenting to T&T music and also, when it’s possible, going to T&T concerts & shows.

They’re not perfect but are cute enough to be my target for a photo shoot n_~ so I enjoy a lot sharing it with all of you

You can read all their adventures in this blog

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If you want to know more, and have a lot of time, let me explain their story….

Takki doll was my first one doll. He was born as my 24th b’day present, and it was made by my friends, it’s the reason his face doesn’t look like so much to my drawings. On that year we sew a doll for every body in friend’s group, as all of them liked NEWS I thought they’ll present me Yamapi doll (cause he was suposed to by my news .__.U) but when I wraped the wrapping paper I found that


It was a Sexy Cat suit Takki doll!! * D * すごくうれしかった!!

From that moment, our dolls became our babies and we carry them to all our Johnny’s meeting, and all our trips, our first one, when we have the chance to go to Japan in 2006


We traveled together all around Japan, going a lot of places, and taking a lot of pictures. We lived Ho! Summer realase and Tsubasa’s Style concert.

After going to the Johnny’s shop, my friends and I made up with a gorgeous idea


we made a frame to take official pictures of our babies XD

When I return from that trip, Takki meets his first roommate Yamapi doll. They spend a lot of time together and share a flat in one of my room shelves.


Then on Takki’s 26th birthday day I present him with Tsubasa doll and since that day they became best friends forever.


they became inseparable, living together (yamapi dolls moved to another shelve) going with me to all my trips and all the news of T&T.


And more or less that is their story

If you wanna know more adventures, read it in the blog, or visit their Facebook page.

Azuki’s T&T dolls

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