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June スタート!* O *!

Time for turn off a new calendar page n__n

this month is gonna be hard…

cute T&T + Okonomiyaki = double drool * ¬ *  * ¬ *


btw, you know how to made that an okonomiyaki looks even tasty?

¬ u ¬ kukukuPhotobucket Continue reading ‘June スタート!* O *!’

May * D *!

Turn for a new page of our calendar baybies * D * !

this time, let your computer goes with your wall XD doozooo
2009 may calendar

APRIL, カレンダースタート!º O º

Time to start using our new calendar > u < !! 
It’s only me or this month, that way of T&T looking eachother it’s too much ラブ♡ラブ (love) #* D *#



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