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Japan Trip part II



Once again there is Takki-doll writing instead of Azuki

 I have new suit!! どう?かっこいか? is it cool?


It’s one of the suits of Kakumei show, Azuki¡’s favourite … after the gorgeous pink-fish one… but luckily she hasn’t find the clothes to sew that = c = ~~relief sigh

Lets continue the story when I’ve left it in the previouse post, when we arrived at Kansai

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Hi!! here Takki-doll updating Azuki’s blog.

Bakazuki is so lazy that she can’t do a report of our last trip to Japan. We came back the last sunday and she still saying she has jet-lag ¬¬UU

anyway, I’ve borrow her laptop and I show you my own diary of the trip, explaining the better I can about our brief visit to nippon. 

It’s gonna be quite long, so continue reading only if you have time n_~



ヒソヒソ (/ º  c º)~~ヒソヒソ if there are some mistakes, it’s because I also have jet-lag, gomen nee

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