Azuki no Hikidashi is a fan art blog dedicated to Tackey & Tsubasa.

In this blog you’ll find fanarts, comics, pictures, handcrafts and more of that gorgeous Johnny’s group.
Of course all you’ll find is made from the heart of a fan for fans. Nothing illegal will be post on there, it’s not a place to download T&T stuff, support your artist and buy it.
Feel free to share, re-post or keep any of my arts, with only 1 request, don’t made money from it.
I hope you enjoy the blog n_n

Azuki’s Profile

Azuki (31)
from Barcelona, Spain
Speaks Spanish English 日本語

LOVES : 滝沢秀明, タッキー&翼
Likes: Kira Kira things, Pink color, Meron Soda, straps
Hates: Bugs, To Argue, Massages, Green color

Favorite T&T Song and PV : 夢物語 (Yume Monogatari)
Favorite DVD: 滝沢歌舞伎 (Takizawa Kabuki)
Favorite Drama: 太陽の季節 (Taiyou no Kisetsu)

one sentence: また出会えるキ・セ・キが、もし僕らにあるなら...

Azuki no Hikidashi facts

Started on February 2007 in live journal with a fanart of Myojo magazine photo shoot, then I’ve moved during a short time to blogger, and finally stay in wordpress, (sorry if you came form lj and I made you jump a lot)

The meaning of the title is “The drawer of Azuki” and it’s because I used to keep my drawings in a drawer so I consider this blog as my own drawer where I can put my drawings and also share it with all of you \ º D º /

If you notice my mail, and the address of the blog, it’s “idontocry” word, this is something I borrow from Takki, from that video –link– it was one of the first videos I watched of Takki, and it’s so funny that I made it my email & blog address, that sentence remind me I am as good as Takki used to be with English language XD sorry if I made a lot of mistakes.

Feel free to writte your comments in the language you want, Enlish, Castellano, 日本語でもいいよ!for the rest of the languages, I guess Google translate can help me a lot XD

**All the drawings and comics are NOT true stories**

Usually they’re bassed on true stories or facts, but it’s not my aim to create a false rumor.
Also I don’t want to offend anybody, all the jokes are made with love and innocence. Not bad intentions added




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