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*君と シャララ*〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)


FInally I got my Shalala Cds!! > D < kyaaaaa!! 


All!! the songs, the pictures, the videos (*specialy the Mugen no Hane Takki Special version PV) the posters… all!! 

So I thought Takki deserves a Shalala costum and a picture photoshoot, as usual XDD 

I also have a baka-comic “in mind” kukuku ¬ u ¬ it’s about Shalala covers. I hope I have time to draw it, because I still being stresfull x__x! maybe tonight? while I watch the thursday’s spanis tv drama? XDD 

anyway, seriously, If you don’t have the cd’s yet, PLEASE BUY IT!! they’re looseless!!!


〜( ̄▽ ̄〜) AZUKI SHALALAING (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜

and so we celebrated it XD


Tono Happy Birthday!!! * D * !!

this time I haven’t baked the cake but I’ve done the Choco-decoration > u < ! 
we wanted to celebrate Takki’s bday with a picnic, but the day today was cloudy so we eat our bentos (pic of the kawaii bento
here ) and the cake in my house XDDD 

I coudn’t made my friends watch Enbujou but we spend the afternoon playing Wii Ski … at leaast it’s something relatade with T&T U 3 U !

more pics of the dolls unde the cut n__~

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Happy White Day * u *


Takki & Tsuba just want to wish you a Happy & Sweet White Day 

lots of パインアメ”pine-ame” for all º\( * D *)/º

Japan Trip part II



Once again there is Takki-doll writing instead of Azuki

 I have new suit!! どう?かっこいか? is it cool?


It’s one of the suits of Kakumei show, Azuki¡’s favourite … after the gorgeous pink-fish one… but luckily she hasn’t find the clothes to sew that = c = ~~relief sigh

Lets continue the story when I’ve left it in the previouse post, when we arrived at Kansai

go to PART 2


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Hi!! here Takki-doll updating Azuki’s blog.

Bakazuki is so lazy that she can’t do a report of our last trip to Japan. We came back the last sunday and she still saying she has jet-lag ¬¬UU

anyway, I’ve borrow her laptop and I show you my own diary of the trip, explaining the better I can about our brief visit to nippon. 

It’s gonna be quite long, so continue reading only if you have time n_~



ヒソヒソ (/ º  c º)~~ヒソヒソ if there are some mistakes, it’s because I also have jet-lag, gomen nee

go to PART 1

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Wii Time * D *

kukuku ¬ u ¬  I have a new Wii partner since this weekend * D * TADAAAAN!


I bought Family Trainer \ º D º / !! (remember the CM-> )


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P-doll おかえり!!\(#⌒∇⌒#)/

Yesterday, after being one year in Japan, my Yamapi doll came back to his home


My friend Clara kidnaped him last year ò_o! She has been in Japan for a year studing in the university, and before going there she kidnaped Yamapi because she said that I don’t love him enought ù__u! that it’s not true!! Yamapi will be always my nº… 4 ?·___·UU …. maa, anyway even Takki Tsuba dolls and I have visited Clara and P last x’mas we are very happy to see them  うれし〜O(≧∇≦)O


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T&T dolls have a new armchair * D *

Today I were shopping with my mom and look what I found


Tadaaan!! \º D º / it’s a new armchair for Takki and Tsu! > D < !!

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Uchi-mail todoita! * D *

Today I’ve got an e-mail from Uchii-doll
His adoptive mum Clara took him to Kanjani ∞ concert today

the mail was like this:


Dear Mami (Nenei) and aunt Kuki (it’s me)

Today aunt Clara took me to see my friends \(≧▽≦)丿



 I was so happy to read it, and so Takki and Tsuba do. Then Takki and Tsuba insisted on answer the mail


Dear aunt Clara and Uchi-chan!

Lovely picture! * D * you look so cool and happy!

We are here suporting Kanjani ∞ and waiting for the report of the concert with our T-shirts XD

=Tackey & Tsubasa=

the conbi ai

\ ( Ú u Ù) / shikatanai ne, they’re great friends cause T&T and Uchi have a Drama conection n_~

you don’t know about the T-shirts? ó , o! find it out over the cut

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Tsubasa’s present for Takki * D *

I haven’t sew Koi uta suit for my T&T dolls yet, but look at what present Tsubasa give to Takki XDDD


yeah it’s a prowrestlin mask XDDD

it’s kinda scary but  I apreciate more that masks now cause they’re very difficult to do o__oU Tsubasa suffers a lot sewing it

I think actually Takki looks like a super heroe !! but my mom said that Takki looks like an ant… and I wonder why is the “concept” my mom has about ants o__OUUU XDD

you want to know the story about T&T dolls? It’s under the cut, cause It’s gonna be quite long XDD sorry

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