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First Entry: yoroshiku \ º 3 º /

Well.. as it’s my first entry here I only want to said you Wellcome º D º and explain a little what you will find here.

I’m sure you all know about me but let me introduce to everybody

I’m Azuki, 27years old Takki & Tsubasa Spanish fan. I love T&T above all the things on my life, I became such a T&T maniac that I can’t imagine a live without they 

I also love drawing, so I usually mix those big passions and thats how my drawings were born n_~ 

I want to make this blog just to put some order my drawins and all those stupids thinks that go round my head @ , @

In this blog you wil find entries with this tags:


I will post my T&T drawings inside that Tag, well in fact it was the propose of that blog ne n_~



Takki and Tsubi are sometimes so funny that they inspired me a lot of funny situations like this one

–Koi Uta release, the story of the C jacket–



please don’t belive it unless I said it xD I don’t want to create false stories or rumors or someting 

*animation gif*


sometimes my drawings move O o O!! XD I started doing it for msn icons but the animations became a really good way to spend a boring sunday afternoon xD I really enjoy doing it 


I haven’t tell you before, but I’m quite lazy girl, so a lot of times I forgot to finish my drawins or maybe I think they’re not so good to finish it, um.. an exaple


*Dolls pictures*

you can find in that tags photos I take of my Takki and Tsubi handmade dolls * u * !! they always came with me whereever I go º D º they became like my chibi-sons > u < lol maybe some day I explain you the hole stori around T&T dolls n__~


*Azuki stories*

I don’t have an example abou it, but you will understand it when I made some one XD. Just an space to post my *baka* thoughts 

and more or less that’s all n____n

please forgive my bad English x__x it’s not my first language but I want to write it on English to made it more international O o O!! XD you can leave me your comments in the language you want 😉

Also if you want to see old stuff you can find it on Takki-Tsuba net, and also in Takki Tsuba forum both in Fanart section º D º 

ok then !! Ittekimasuuuuu !!




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