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Kidnapping Tsubasa Epilogue

the end of the saga ò – o !!

yes, as you said in the comments I lost to a penlight or every PhotobucketkiraPhotobucketkira Photobucketthing * A * !! maybe it’s why I love Tono? XD


I hope Tsubasa reach Japan with no problems cause he has to came back… with Takki º D º to record a new PV!! Barcelona is a great city to be the background!! and I know the best places to record it muahahaha ( ヒソヒソ (  /· , ·)/ ヒソヒソ also know the best place to eat Chocolate with churros muahahaha II )

= w = more stories and drawings coming soon ❤


Kidnapping Tsuba III



And this is the end of the story U__U I can’t keep him forever, sigh~

Nobody can’t resist the Jr. puppy eyes and the light of the penlight…. um… well… actually I think I’m the only one who will run after a penlight XD

This is the end of Tsubasa kidnapping story but not the end of that baka-comics Ò D Ó muahahaha

wait for the epilogue (I’ll be there for youuu~~♫)

Kidnapping Tsuba II


.__.!! yeah, thinking about it, I came to the conclusion that the only thing Tsuba and I have in common is our Takki’s love XDD

I’m Spanish but I’m sure we don’t like the same things =___= He is to much crazy about traditional spanish things, and I’m to much crazy about Tekitouna Japanese stuff XD

even with the language, because if he want to talk with me in Spanish,so he can practice it I would  talk with him in Japanese, to practice as well XDDD aaarrrgg!! what a strange couple!! XD

anyway, if you came up with anyother ideas to keep our “host” amused please tell me, it can be a nice idea for another baka-comic XDD

PART III coming soon (drawing it now, btw n_~)

Kidnapping Tsubasa

I have 2 or 3 post to update before that, but I need to write it because this is current news ò , o!!

The fact is that it seems that Tsubasa is visiting Spain again rigth now, or at least he was here on friday, he updated his J-web saying that, and the same day he updated there was an air traffic controller strike… yeah… you have read it correctly… all the spanish air controller decided to not to go work at the same time, so nobody can land or take off the country…. (and it’s all govemment fault = ^ = ) anyway my first thought was this one


ò___o let’s kidnapp Tsubasa!!

Phase I is completed, now I just have to find him and… continue with the plan muahahahaha <-evil laught  Ô D Ó!!! I always wanted to play the evil role!! as Takki XDD

naah, seriously, I just pray that Tsuba hasn’t had any flight problem, or with the airport or anything…. so he would came back to Spain again…. because now I’m very ashamed of my country  =__=UU

Good news are that due that air controller stupidity, Tsuba’s visit and my evil mind I came up with new baka-comics XD


painting now the next one XD

Very sad, but happy, but sad again… ¡ ~ ¡

It’s a disaster… my live is over _-_ I had to decide something very sad….


cause I’m living in that stupid awfull country (yes Tsubasa, we’re talking of Spain) I have to stop buying cd’s and dvds from the internet.

The reason, the damn customs ¡ = ¡ !!! a lot of friends of mine, and also myself were been stolen from the customs this year. Seems that like cause we are in crisis the customs devil men took every single parcel of Japan and made it pay the custom taxes ¡ = ¡ and it’s a lot of money!!

my own experience, last March when I ordered Kakumei dvd I were stolen by customs. The final price of my dvd was that:

(I put it in € but you can transfer to your own currency to understand me ¡ _ ¡ )

Kakumei Dvd – 54 €

Shipping – 26 € (1/2 dvd price but ok… it’s shipping… sigh = ^ = )

Stupid Customs taxes – 44!!!! (almost another one dvd!! ¡ [] ¡ )

Do you understand me now?? 44€ for NOTHING is a lot ¡ – ¡  it’s why I have to stop buying dvds…

I thought it was something ramdom, I mean, that if I ordered it in other online shop, or by another shipping way is gonna be allright, but it seems like it’s not u__u the customs are very strict right now… looks like everything that it’s not marked as a gift have to pay it u___u

Sadly, with a broken heart, I have to say that I’m not gonna have neither Kabuki dvd or T&T new single. ¡ = ¡

Talking about T&T new single… (this is the happy moment of the day ¡ u ¡ )


Have you watch the new fc video in Johnny’s web!!?? º D º !! OMG! you have a preview of  愛はタカラモノ > D < and it sounds like a cheerful song!


the dance is also cute! I love that step!! > D < !!

but … tears coming again… I can’t buy it ¡ [] ¡ !!! maybe I can ask my friend Clara who is going to Japan on february to buy it… omg… in february… it means….


¡ ____ ¡

seriously I’m gonna move from that stupid country…


(Tsuba! wanna made an exchange?! º D º )

And the Joke of the Day is…


sorry but I can’t help it XDDD

I’ve read in about Takki saying he went to a Nagoya Combini and a girl said to him “you look a lot like Takki” x,,DD

I laugh about that because it’s kinda a thing that could happen to me. I’m so blind sometimes that I never recognize a face even it’s in front of me, I’m sure that if I ever meet Takki by chance, I’ll never recognize him, and neither Tsubasa .___.!

This is something I have to work on because Tsuba uses to walk around here (Spain) sometimes… I should recognize him no matter what!!… recognize him, rape him, and ask Takki to came here also for rescue him… but it’s another story XDDDD

btw, the Takki photo is from Takki summer concert 2010 pamphlet … I should draw something about that gorgeous pamphlet… just give me some more time.. muahaha .

From Thief to Hero º 0 º!!

I’m sure you’ve heard about the 5 jackets of T&T new single, man it’s crazy! 5 jackets for 2 (or 3 ) songs? wth!! > . < !! the first image that come to my head once I read it was that one


Mr.thief Avex-sama, who only wants to steal the money from those loyal fans who were waiting long time for that new single… > . < !!

but then I read what is the 5th cd for… and it changes my mind. Do you know you can get a backstage ticket for the concerts inside that extra jacket? > D < omg!


Mr thief becames Mr Willy Wonka Avex-sama!! º D º! have you read the book? or watched the film!? (for those who don’t know ” Charlie and the Chocolate Factory“) Damn! it’s so perfect! I mean for those who can go to the concert… and those who are living in Japan… not for living abroad fans that it includes myself .___.U

anyway, I hope all of you who are going get a ticket!! and if you get the chance to get inside and met T&T can you ask something for me?



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