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I know I told you I have a lot of work to share with you but, that last four days I was hooked on my computer, watching & reading all the news about the disaster, those horrible things that’re happening to my lovely country Japan. A lot of feelings come up, at first I was shocked and can’t believe it, and then started to worry a lot, for the people I know, and also four our T&T (luckily they’re all safe). I cry with pain, with sorrow, with rage and also lately with joy when I know those happy-ending stories.

but the worst feeling of all was that “useless” feeling. Here in the other side of the planet I only can watch the tv and try to understand it all, no way going to Japan to help, I can’t find the way to help from here, I even can’t send money because I’m bankrupt  myself  ú_ù

So as you can imagine, Im not really in the mood for draw = _=

Hard days for all of us.

Tackey & Tsubasa had the bad luck to release their eagerly awaited album in that bad moment. Bad luck because I guess Trip & Treasure it’s not gonna be their most sold album, but it’s a really really good news! I’m happy they don’t pospone the release day, because music is something that can help people.

Tackey & Tsubasa, keep doing your Idol work. Keep singing your happy songs for everyone because everything goes better with a happy song, everything looks different if you’re positive. And please keep smiling to the world, because smile heals the heart of the people, and I can’t find anything stronger than an idol smile.

And for all the people who live in Japan those who are suffering that much, I want to send you those simple words that are going all over the world


you’re not alone, we  will help you even if the only thing we can do is just send those sincere sweet words.


Johnny’s net profile pictues

Another entry today (have some work accumulated jejeje) this time a Baka-comic about the news of the year!!

I’m sure you know it right now,  but just in case…

Johnny’s net has posted our idols pictures in the profile!!

º 0 º wooow!!!

I can’t believe it!! 0 [] o Johnny-sama is modernizing? or… as I and my friend suspected…. is he dead or something? ò_o??

seriously I’m really happy for that, cause it’s a first step * u *

and if you wanna know why he took that loong timeeee…


I’m sure he was trying to find a way to get money for that picutes too… jejejeje (joking)

Trip & Treasure

Sorry for the delay, personal problems n___n nothing to worry about, it’s all ok right now, but it mades me have no time to update aarrgg x__x

anyway, I wanna share with you a fanart I’ve done for Trip & Treasure, cause the first time I heard the title of the mini-album I thought something like that…


Pirate T&T jejejejeje don’t ask me why, but its what I see in my mind… but I think  I’ve not guess the real concept XDDD

aahh~~~ it’s when I do those kind of drawings that I remember how I enjoy drawing = w = rrr rrr rrr

more updates coming, but meanwhile… have you preorder your minialbun already? º D º Photobucket

AmazonCd JapanYesasia

滝沢連合 407 & 408

Takizawa Rengou Vol. 407
07 Jan
[Q7] (Tooru, Osaka, Sales, Male)
Konnichiwa, please also let me ask you a question!
Until now, during recordings or jacket photoshoots, what were the things that were enjoyable, and what were those that were tough?
[A7] Oh! A male I’m happy ne~ 
Unexpectedly, they have always been smooth ne.
On the contrary, what are the jackets or PVs that you like?
That’s what I want to know ne 



I’m sure that work is smooth for Takki (because he’s a profesional Ù u Ú d!) but very bussy for staff-san XD

anyway, Tono! my favorite covers are Hikari Hitotsu & Serenade, and my favorite PV ever Yume monogatari!

Takizawa Rengou Vol. 408
08 Jan
[Q8] (Kanako Mama, Saitama-ken, Chief Clerk, Female)
It has come to the season for Nabe ne. Souchou, please tell us what Nabe you think you want to eat the most now  Kakumei must be tough, but please be sure to take care of your body ne
[A4] If you say Nabe, it has got to be “Kimchi Nabe” right!! The point is, because it’ll make my room smell, if I want to have Nabe, I’ll have it at my friend’s place 


XD no idea of which friend is the chosen one for share that kimchi nabe with tono, but the first one that comes to my mind was Murakami Shingo from Kanjani8 XD I know he doesn’t look like the real Hina at all but it’s my first time trying to draw him (thanks Maite-chan for the pictures ~<3)

Tsubasa’s Spanish Classes

sorry I couldn’t help it  XDDD


Tsubasa!! I’ll be watching you! ò_o

you better don’t teach bad slang Spanish to Takki ò__o grrr

滝沢連合 405 & 406

Takkiren time!! \ º D º /

Takizawa Rengou Vol. 405
05 Jan
[Q5] (Asachan, Tokyo, Super Employee, Female)
When I heard “Ai wa Takaramono”, I had a ‘tight feeling in the chest’, something I’ve not felt in a while… Takki, recently did you get a ‘tight feeling in the chest’?
[A5] I don’t get a tight feeling in the chest na~ I want to have the ‘tight tight’ feeling, but I wonder if there’s anything I can do.



Takizawa Rengou Vol. 406
06 Jan
[Q6] (Yayoi, Gifu Prefecture, Super Employee, Female)
Otsukarechan desu! Thanks for this happy project ♪ Souchou, although you are always busy, when you get home after work, what would you be doing that is the most blissful time for you? Is it indeed the time when you’ll be humming a song while taking a bath? If you have any recommended solo play for baths recently, please tell us.
[Q6] My baths are rather normal yo Normal to the extent of playing with toys… 
When I get home, the first thing I do is to take off my socks 



* D * second time I’ve draw Takki in the bath XD though I think Tono’s bath will be a little bigger ne? XD

and this one deserves another drawing


T&T in Spain? · [] · ! no way…

Before another Takiren post let me write about another Azuki stories

Today I got a read an impanct new in internet -> here




what!!??.. um.. WHAT??? · [] · !!

Tsuba said we want to came to Spain for a T&T con?? wait, read again… T&T? it means TACKEY & tsubasa? ehhh!!??

yeah, as you I’d to read it 3 times to believe it… OMG! … OMG! I can’t belive it!!


I know it’s not gonna happend but aaaahhhh~~~~


Tsubasa, you know how to up yourself in Azuki’s ranking XDD

He is not gonna win Takki, of course, but he is getting close… XD

just joking, being serious, it’s almost imposible to hold a concert of T&T here. first because Johnny’s Jimusho will lost a lot of money, (and now is when all the spanish/european fans bite Azuki xD) you’re not gonna full an stadium here, not because it’s T&T, I think the same if it was Arashi or Kattuns or whatever idol… it’s not gonna be as full as it could be in Japan, I’m sure the tickets will be expensive, because they do always a gorgeous show, so the people who can afford it won’t be enough, and people who don’t know anything about japanese idols aren’t gonna pay that amought of money… it’s my opinion though, you can be with me or against XD

also there is another reason for not T&T here….


I’m not sure if Tsuba will be strong enough to convince his aikata XD

anyway, dreaming is free, and this news made my day and the rest of the week * D * can’t stop my heart beating loudly jejeje!!

You know fans around the world that if they came here you will gonna have me as your guide º D º  can’t host all of you because my home is really small but it would be a great chance to meet more fans, spanish, european or for all around the world > D < kyaaaa~~

so… it mades me thing…


·________· !! if they came to Spain and go to Madrid, and I can’t afford the travel I WILL DIE X____x !!!

Tsuba, baby, Tsubaby, an advice:


also I know THE BEST churros con chocolate place EVER!! (and Takki & You can stay in my house for free xDDD !! )



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