and here comes the goods * = *

yeeaaah my Kakumei’s goods arrived!! * = * !!! (thankyuuuu Neko-chan ❤ you know I love you ¡ D ¡ )


wiiiii!!! I have one of that gorgeus Fluffy blankets! > D < kyaaaa “It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!!

seriously, best Concert Good EVER! * = * I wanna wear it forever !! 

also got a pamphlet and Hidezo’s chibi * D * 

ap! and my copy of Hearful Voice Takki-Tsuba edition n__n

and with that priceless parcel it goes a lots of inspiration…. 

starting with the pamphlet, as every time I have a look at one, I got the feeling of “I wanna draw every single picture of it” Ò_ó!

but this one is not having a lot of different outfits ú_u ~sigh 

so I ended doing a sketch of some pics,


and the one I like more, the one with the blankets * u *


um… thinking about that, Takki has a lot of pictures wearing careless blankets on… I’m the only one who thoughts that happens every single winter photo-shoot? 


yeah! Takki is such an awesome model that doesn’t need to lear how to wear blankets Ù_Ú~~Photobucket

and talking about blankets la la laaaa~~~Photobucket


Takki doll has his one too!! XD 

but I didn’t have such a fluffy fabric to sew hin a good one.. so he has to satisfy with that “creepy” one, at least it’s soft XD 

and as a last thought, I wanna share with you that fanart, because in the very first time I wear the blanket that image came up in my mind ·____· let’s do a new version of Red Riding Hod… 

Pink&White striped doglike riding hod !! Ò [] Ó! too long but it worth it 

4 Responses to “and here comes the goods * = *”

  1. 1 simone January 16, 2012 at 2:11 am

    As usual, I love your drawings! Great bakacomic too!

    I call what Takki wears shawls, rather than blankets, but that’s just me being nice, in part because I love shawls [and scarves] and wear them all the time. Your drawing of Takki in that beige one is just terrific!

    • 2 Azuki January 16, 2012 at 2:17 am

      soo ka… I didn’t know the correct word for what I named as “blankets” XDD gomen ne n__n shawls, ok, learning something new every day,

      Thanks Simone ~ *hearts*

      I’m really glad you like it n__n

  2. 3 Reiko January 16, 2012 at 8:53 am

    kyaaaaaa…sooo kawaii these pics you took of your blanket wrapped around your Takki-kun doll!!! ♥

    LOVE your drawings in the 2nd pic, and in the 3rd drawing of the wrap, really kakkoii. 😉 Your blanket comic explains it to the “T” too (lol), wearing it however which way it goes on him. 😛 And I agree w/you…he doesn’t need anyone to show him how to wear those wrap blankets either. =__= He looks good in ANYTHING they give him to wear. (seriously) He makes anything look good, even if they were to give him a pencil to wear. j/k (uh oh…don’t get any ideas in drawing this too…hahahaha) *blush*

    OMG, I love that cuuute blanket-wrap you made too for your Takki-kun doll. Looks exactly like your ‘real’ one. XDD

    The ‘Red Riding Hood’ comic story, love it. XDD So, Takki’s the woodcutter? lol Hmm…somehow, I can picture him being that character too. (weird) *pffft* As for Tsubasa, my daughter asked me, “Mommy…how come he wasn’t the grandmother?” Isn’t the grandmother & wolf the same though? (sort-of) lol

    Thanks for sharing! Can I like, share your link to this posting on my FB?

  3. 4 Michelle Low January 16, 2012 at 1:38 pm

    kyaa~~ takki doll is cutest when he wears the blanket! but my favourite here is the drawing of takki with the grey “blanket”!!! so kakkoii!!

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