Good’s Revolution * = *

OMG! have you seen the Kakumei’s 2012 goods?

What can be softest & cuttest than Tono himself?

Tono wearing that AWESOME blanket ¡ = ¡ !

I just can’t help it ….


This time I didn’t want to buy any goods from Kakumei, main reason is because I still having no money X_x ! also now the ¥ is freaking expensive (if you have to buy it with €) so I convince myself not no buy anything but the pamphlet.


but then my dear friend Kat show me the pictures of that awesome blanket and the cute Hidezon and… of course…


I NEED THEM!!! Ò____________Ó!!!


So…. Takki-sama… thans for made me start the 2012 year being the poorest but happiest fan in the world

(now just let’s think how to earn more more money, sigh ´\(Ú u Ù)/`)

3 Responses to “Good’s Revolution * = *”

  1. 1 Alice January 5, 2012 at 6:02 pm

    Yeah, this was pretty much my reaction as well T____T
    Takki is going to make me bankrupt.

  2. 2 shahira~ January 5, 2012 at 11:40 pm

    OMG OVO i wish i can buy this kawaii blanket too TT^TT~ *cry*

  3. 3 Reiko January 9, 2012 at 1:16 am

    kyaaaa…I TOTALLY love your drawings here, esp. of Takki wearing the cutest blanket EVER! ♥ @.@ Saw it on FB. 🙂

    Omg, your drawing did it in for me too in buying the blanket hoodie. At first, I thought I had no use for it whatsoever. Then, I thought of giving it to my daughter, then saw your drawing on FB, and that did it in for me right there. hahahaha

    As for me being broke too…yes, your depictions here sums it best w/me as well. ><;;

    The 'I need' drawing, sums up my version of needing/wanting to buy the poster. O.o lolll

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