Have you watched Waratte koraete!?

The best thing of releasing a singel is that T&T are the guests of a lot of TV shows > D < yeeeiii 

so as lately there are such a lot of TV appearances I started a new section called “Have you watched….?”  º D º  

and the first one is….


of course as I don’t wanna spoil anything all my comments are after the jump n___n

and cause it’s not “download files” blog, I’m afraid you should search fot the TV program in other place. Should I recomend Takkius , becuase their owners are doing such a GORGEOUS work uploading all the tv shows where Takki is in > u < (Mich, Bon I love you <3) 

anyway, if you have watched Waratte koraete! (2011.08.24) keep reading n_~


Takki looked sooo cutee there… ahh~~ I dunno if it was because it’s been time since last TV appearance or what but I found he so kakkoii = w = 

but the funniest part was when he told about his skills for Aikido, wow, he is not only a beauty face, he is strong!! º 0 º !! (maaa we know it already XD)

in the very first moment he took that man hands to show us how to defend from an attack I envy that boy a looot = C = !! 

but then I realize something….

you agree with me right? XD he has nothing to worry, cause no one of us is gonna attack him ´\(Ú u Ù)/`

Just anything more about that show. hand up! cause I agree that girl who said that Takki looks like he could go to the places ridding a horse, even to the “combini” XDD of course!! that’s one of the reasons for calling him Tono!! º D º yeeeiii 


2 Responses to “Have you watched Waratte koraete!?”

  1. 1 Reiko (@tackeyreiko143) September 7, 2011 at 6:48 pm

    Omg, Azuki…your baka-Takki comic strip to this show is sooo kawaiii and funny!!! ♥ LOVE it!

    Hadn’t watched it yet but I definately will now. lol Will run over to Mich’s to d/l it. Can’t wait to watch it, and can’t wait for more of your drawings to this too. 😀

  2. 2 Hikarii January 5, 2012 at 5:36 pm

    I was staring so hard at that immobilizing thing trying to learn, but I still don’t quite get it! XD

    But yes, yes! Ride a horse into a store, a breeze of pheromones wafting from his presence.. XD

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