Crane for Japan and something more n_~

Today I need to do something different, having that last week sticked to the computer, trying to catch Japan news was not healthy, so as things seems to go better and there was an special event in my city I decided to go out with my friends.

Our first stop was going at that special event, there was an association here that organize a meeting to make 1000 cranes for Japan and some shodo. I think you should know it, but in Japan they make or give 1000 origami crames to wish something or just wish luck. So we went to that place to make our contribution, of course T&T were with do their as well…


that picture was taken in at home, cause I forgot taking it in the origami place, but anyway I did a pin & violet crane as well n____n and the “愛” kanji from “愛はタカラモノ”

notice Tsubasa doll has a new look!! XDDD I changed his hair and sewed his mustache ú__u yeah I didn’t like it at all but… it’s his look now ´\(Ú . Ù)/` しょうがないよ!

Then we went to the beach, because it was close to the origami place… and I realize it was a great place to take pictures too!! º 0 º! bad luck T&T forgot to wear swimsuits… anyway the water is too cold to take a bath now XDDD


if you wanna see the rest of them, I liked that picture to the T&T facebook album n___n

and after have lunch, my friends give me a GORGEOUS surprise > D < !! kyaaaaa

tara ra ra raaaaannn….


They present me the T&T matsuri dvd!!!!! > D < ! supa*happy!

I couldn’t bought it before, because as I have said you I’m in a ruin right now X__x! zero money.

I was so sad for not having this, but, Maite, Marta Anna & Judith bougth it for me, for help their, and it was so unexpected that I almost cry… actually I droop a tear jejeje but as it was a happy tear doesn’t count!! I donto cry!! ù__u!! XD

damn you’re the best こうはいちゃんありがとう!<3

I’m so happy right now, it’s the best end for all those sadness and I can’t write more cause I have some dvd to watch jejejeje º D º !!

you’ll have more drawings son n_~ happy mood again! *chuchu*

4 Responses to “Crane for Japan and something more n_~”

  1. 1 Aiko March 20, 2011 at 12:01 am

    Congratulations dear.u are lucky to have such good friends.I wish i had.Maybe someday.:) Enjoy,and i will be waiting for the new drawings 🙂 oh yah,and i am making cranes,alone…only make 6 in 3 days,lol…but i will make it,lol …^^ im a bit sad today,but….thx,ur emails are always a bit of smiling for me.
    With all my heart,thx.

    take care and enjoy.
    Joana Sakura ❤

  2. 2 Reiko March 20, 2011 at 9:06 am

    aawwww, I LOVE your T&t dolls again!!! ♥ *kyaaaa* So cute u made Takki w/the pink tsuru. And I really loved that brush script kanji you made too. 🙂

    Yeah, I dun like Tsu’s new look either. *bah* ><;;

    And I love T&T on the beach too…cuuute!

    Today (Sat.), I went to this festival too…Cherry Blossom Fest. here where I live. There were booths where you could donate money to the relief fund for Japan so, I donated a lot. lol Couldn't help it since I'm Japanese too, you know? But, anyway, we saw a local taiko drum troupe perform (REALLY good!), a Kendo demo on stage (2 women too of all things, along w/2 men O.O), and various other stuff happening. Boy, it sure was packed w/ppl…a nice turnout; was very surprised. 🙂 They were supposed to have brought in a lot of cherry blossom trees here at this Japanese Friendship Garden. They plan on having this every year now. 🙂 ♥ I took lots of pics as well as 2 video clips of the taiko drum perf. using my camera. lol Will try to post it on my FB wall. ♥

    Thanks 4 sharing!

  3. 3 Reiko March 20, 2011 at 9:07 am

    And yes, omedetou in your T&T dvd! I still hadn’t bought myself this one yet either. (no money on my end) =__=;;

  4. 4 Silvia March 20, 2011 at 4:29 pm

    ay! yo queria ir a lo de las grullitas, pero como trabajo nunca puedo hacer nada U_U

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