T&T in Spain? · [] · ! no way…

Before another Takiren post let me write about another Azuki stories

Today I got a read an impanct new in internet -> here




what!!??.. um.. WHAT??? · [] · !!

Tsuba said we want to came to Spain for a T&T con?? wait, read again… T&T? it means TACKEY & tsubasa? ehhh!!??

yeah, as you I’d to read it 3 times to believe it… OMG! … OMG! I can’t belive it!!


I know it’s not gonna happend but aaaahhhh~~~~


Tsubasa, you know how to up yourself in Azuki’s ranking XDD

He is not gonna win Takki, of course, but he is getting close… XD

just joking, being serious, it’s almost imposible to hold a concert of T&T here. first because Johnny’s Jimusho will lost a lot of money, (and now is when all the spanish/european fans bite Azuki xD) you’re not gonna full an stadium here, not because it’s T&T, I think the same if it was Arashi or Kattuns or whatever idol… it’s not gonna be as full as it could be in Japan, I’m sure the tickets will be expensive, because they do always a gorgeous show, so the people who can afford it won’t be enough, and people who don’t know anything about japanese idols aren’t gonna pay that amought of money… it’s my opinion though, you can be with me or against XD

also there is another reason for not T&T here….


I’m not sure if Tsuba will be strong enough to convince his aikata XD

anyway, dreaming is free, and this news made my day and the rest of the week * D * can’t stop my heart beating loudly jejeje!!

You know fans around the world that if they came here you will gonna have me as your guide º D º  can’t host all of you because my home is really small but it would be a great chance to meet more fans, spanish, european or for all around the world > D < kyaaaa~~

so… it mades me thing…


·________· !! if they came to Spain and go to Madrid, and I can’t afford the travel I WILL DIE X____x !!!

Tsuba, baby, Tsubaby, an advice:


also I know THE BEST churros con chocolate place EVER!! (and Takki & You can stay in my house for free xDDD !! )

1 Response to “T&T in Spain? · [] · ! no way…”

  1. 1 Aiko January 20, 2011 at 9:40 pm

    ROFL ROFL ROFL…OMG,i read it too on tokyohive !!!!!
    If that happened would be so cool…aaaaaahhh….let me say that im crying with ur comics here,amazing,ROFL…with the map…believe me,if that someday happened,i walk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! walking there i go,looool….believe me !!

    I dont know…who knows,maybe someday,we never know 😉 and Tsuba can always put something on Takkis drink and kidnappe him,and when takki wakes up…BOING….Spain…just near meeeeee too…oooh!!! can u imagine…Azuki,we all together,lol…around them,ROFL.
    Thx,this really made my day ! 🙂

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