Takki CHANnel present todoita yo! º 0 º

wiiii!! finally I got my x’mas Takki CHANnel present today  \ º D º /


To be honest at first I was confused


confused because I expected a Takki towel, as the one my friends get  = ^ =

that.. erm.. flag is kinda… um… disappointing? and it reminds me I couldn’t go to that concert… also the flag is crumpled = ^ =  so at first I didn’t know if I should be glad or not…


came on!

you know me and I’m not that ungrateful girl º D º

I got a present from Takkistaff , it’s free, it cames from Japan, it’s T&T, I’m gonna wave it when I watch the T&T matsuri dvd (if I got the money for buy it ¡ – ¡ ) and.. and… well, I’m sure it has tons of good things beside the bad things º D º right? > u < please Johnny’s keep being nice with foreing fans! we’ve suffer a lot those previos years XDD


ありがとう!!thanks a lot \ º D º /

btw, I’m working non-stoping to finish a x’mas present for all, jujuju, I’ll show you and avance


it’s an animation and this is just a frame of the intro, wait for the rest ¬ u ¬ muahaha I hope I’ll finish it before x’mas ¡ – ¡

should I send it to Takki CHANnel with the message “I deserve the towel!!” ?? XDDD just joking

** waves her T&T flag and go to work again**

4 Responses to “Takki CHANnel present todoita yo! º 0 º”

  1. 1 amy December 22, 2010 at 1:15 pm

    Hi! azuki..
    even not towel..at least they sent u something..lol..
    I wish I will get something from them too ><
    and..can't wait for your X'mas project.. XD

  2. 2 Patri December 22, 2010 at 1:29 pm

    Sí, deberías mandar la animación con el mensaje, lo sabes xDDDDD
    ¡Yo pedí el DVD! En el caso de que no pudieras comprarlo, podemos ver el mío, y agitaremos las dos nuestras banderitas~~
    No está taaaan arrugada la tuya, pensaba que estaría bastante peor jajaja

  3. 3 Aiko December 22, 2010 at 7:52 pm

    A flag ? Humm..anyway…its like u said…come one…its a present,free,from japan…so waveeeeeee it 🙂 i wish i could get mine too 😦
    Omedetou 🙂
    Anyway…OMG….i want so much to see ur animation,must be amazing !! 🙂 i love the beggining screenshot,lol…ur the best 🙂
    Much love and hugs,

    Joana 🙂 ^^
    Thx for ur comic Azuki,love u has a comic character,she is amazing,very funny 🙂

  4. 4 Reiko December 28, 2010 at 12:14 pm

    Thanks for making this for all of us…aawww, how sweet! ♥ Geesh, how can anyone top THAT as a gift? @.@ You’re one-in-a-million, girl! I came across it on your utube, from your FB site. lol XDD

    U know what? I would send TakiChannel your animation-cartoon vid clip, just because. Just to let ‘them’ know up there in Japan that there’s overseas fans who love Takki and/or T&T just as much as the fans in Japan too. (and so Takki doesn’t forget either…hahahaha)

    C’mooon, sis! Send it to Takki! I’m sure he’d not only be ‘touched’ by receiving something made like this to him, but he must appreciate animation works like this too. After all, he’s also a producer, director, etc. of film and whatnot so, I know he’d appreciate this coming to him. XDD

    Send it to his TakiChannel website. You’ll never know whether it’ll end up being talked about on his show or even on Denpajou one night. @.@ *dies* Oh yeah, send it to his Denpajou radio talk show too. Y not, right? lol The more places the merrier, I say. hahahaha

    *Takki hands over towel instead to Azuki…*

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