Kidnapping Tsubasa Epilogue

the end of the saga ò – o !!

yes, as you said in the comments I lost to a penlight or every PhotobucketkiraPhotobucketkira Photobucketthing * A * !! maybe it’s why I love Tono? XD


I hope Tsubasa reach Japan with no problems cause he has to came back… with Takki º D º to record a new PV!! Barcelona is a great city to be the background!! and I know the best places to record it muahahaha ( ヒソヒソ (  /· , ·)/ ヒソヒソ also know the best place to eat Chocolate with churros muahahaha II )

= w = more stories and drawings coming soon ❤

1 Response to “Kidnapping Tsubasa Epilogue”

  1. 1 Joana December 14, 2010 at 1:01 am

    loveeeee it !!! :))) love the part he said that he recorded…amazing !!!! ROFL ! 🙂
    Btw,do u remember the draw u made with takki,you,and the world ? what do u think some draw like more or lesss like that for me ? u put me in anime,lots of pink…and let me look at takki and takki at me…and could have some sentence,like “u are the only that makes me smile” i dont know…what do u think…btw i love that drawing,very beautiful,and u are very beautiful in anime 🙂 lots of hugs from Portugal :))) ^^

    OOOH…i love ur comics 🙂 THX!

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