Very sad, but happy, but sad again… ¡ ~ ¡

It’s a disaster… my live is over _-_ I had to decide something very sad….


cause I’m living in that stupid awfull country (yes Tsubasa, we’re talking of Spain) I have to stop buying cd’s and dvds from the internet.

The reason, the damn customs ¡ = ¡ !!! a lot of friends of mine, and also myself were been stolen from the customs this year. Seems that like cause we are in crisis the customs devil men took every single parcel of Japan and made it pay the custom taxes ¡ = ¡ and it’s a lot of money!!

my own experience, last March when I ordered Kakumei dvd I were stolen by customs. The final price of my dvd was that:

(I put it in € but you can transfer to your own currency to understand me ¡ _ ¡ )

Kakumei Dvd – 54 €

Shipping – 26 € (1/2 dvd price but ok… it’s shipping… sigh = ^ = )

Stupid Customs taxes – 44!!!! (almost another one dvd!! ¡ [] ¡ )

Do you understand me now?? 44€ for NOTHING is a lot ¡ – ¡  it’s why I have to stop buying dvds…

I thought it was something ramdom, I mean, that if I ordered it in other online shop, or by another shipping way is gonna be allright, but it seems like it’s not u__u the customs are very strict right now… looks like everything that it’s not marked as a gift have to pay it u___u

Sadly, with a broken heart, I have to say that I’m not gonna have neither Kabuki dvd or T&T new single. ¡ = ¡

Talking about T&T new single… (this is the happy moment of the day ¡ u ¡ )


Have you watch the new fc video in Johnny’s web!!?? º D º !! OMG! you have a preview of  愛はタカラモノ > D < and it sounds like a cheerful song!


the dance is also cute! I love that step!! > D < !!

but … tears coming again… I can’t buy it ¡ [] ¡ !!! maybe I can ask my friend Clara who is going to Japan on february to buy it… omg… in february… it means….


¡ ____ ¡

seriously I’m gonna move from that stupid country…


(Tsuba! wanna made an exchange?! º D º )


6 Responses to “Very sad, but happy, but sad again… ¡ ~ ¡”

  1. 1 shahi-chan October 22, 2010 at 1:31 pm

    awwwwwwwwwwww T^T
    it’s oki dear,i understand,, this is so awful >3<
    i can't buy and support them to for this, pluse some times my stuff comes already opened WTH!! O3O # and i get very angry at them, they toke the joy of unwrapping the cd or what ever away, those nosy idiots, so seriously Customs sucks every where T^T
    *hugs* well we'll still support you T&T ♥♥

  2. 2 Yami October 24, 2010 at 8:57 pm


    Which online shop are you normaly buying at?

    I recommend yeasia…! They have almost everything, NO shipping cost for us here in Europe if you for 39$ or more (well I always get over it xDD) and because they are nicely chinese people in Hong Kong they write always ‘gift’ on it…! (and sometimes they have a P.O. box somewhere here in Europe)
    I live in Germany, so it might be no guarantee for you but at least you can be sure, you have no shipping cost! =D


    celebrate your love! xD

  3. 4 Reiko December 8, 2010 at 7:43 am

    Hey Azuki…so sorry u’re having to have to go through stuff like that w/your goods. *hug* Seriously, sometimes too…here where I’m at, I’d love to move to Japan myself. With the way security is sucking right now at the airport system here, u can bet I wanna move. >< She didn't go the EMS route this time because it'll cost way too much to ship the boxes to me.

    Yeah, maybe u can try Yesasia like how Yami suggested. U just never know. And at this point, I'd try ANYTHING, really. Since it seems u're having a harder time compared to me in getting stuff now, I'd try Yesasia. They just might be your ticket to good fortune w/your T&T goods. XDD ♥ Just try it n'see. You'll never know until you try. ♥ ^.^

    Love the Takaramono drawings of T&T btw! Kawaiiii~♥ 😛

  4. 5 Miron December 10, 2010 at 10:34 pm

    Hii Azuki! long time naaa~~ ^O^ /
    so sorry long time not comment on your blog
    omg XS thats really sad news!
    ermm I can invite you to move to Portugal lol.. you will still pay sometimes the fee.. but its around 25€
    ya i totally understand i was O[]O when postman came this week with my CD’s and asked for 26,40€ (and last week he not asked for anything! grrr òwo)

    well.. like people up I recomend yesasia free shipping too but becarful!! i already lost some CDs on it one time and they can’t track it. luckly they will send it again but if it’s sold out no way of get it back.. but they do refund you the money! I still buy from there sometimes.. but always pray for it to come safe! 🙂 try don’t worry.

    alot of good luck!
    Merry Christmas dear! ^O^

  5. 6 simone December 18, 2010 at 10:54 pm

    Hi, Azuki gomen for not coming by your site for a while!

    As usual, I love your cartoons. and I sympathize about your customs problem. Customs and Income tax agents are vultures! That amount seems outrageous to me. Not many good things in the US but at least there is no customs charge on music, books, or art.

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