Hairstyle challenge ò , o!

Here again with a few new fanarts n__n

This time is about Takki Kabuki pamphlet, do you have it? or have you seen those gorgeous pictures * 0 * !! OMG the first time I look at it I melted with every single page… well actually only with Takki pages XDD All those pictures are priceless 0!!

You know in some of this pages Takki has a different hairstyle.. so I take it as a new challenge and here you have the result…. I think I’m too used to draw the everyday Takki’s hair that this time he doesn’t’ like real Takki at all U , u

anyway I hope you like it


find out those fan-art after the jump ^ 0 ^

Yeah, as you know I’m the worst pamphlet scaner in the world but just for you to get an idea about the real picture I made a photo of what I draw n__n

my first challenge was Takki Rock!! Ò o O!! (I love that style btw)


as I tell you I think is kinda.. weird (the fanart) but I enjoy a lot doing the hair  XDD !!

and the second one is about that picture


I have to scan this one a little bit more “shiny” to made that gold color appear… it’s almost impossible to scan gold and silver colors, sigh, the real one looks better u__u . At first I started drawing it because I love the hair… but only when I started painting it I realize that gorgeous kimono fabric pattern O__o!! as I was a bit lazy I invented a bit the pattern XD also because it’s difficult to copy it with a tinny brush and that fake gold paint = ^ =UU

and the third one is not about Takki’s hairstyle but it’s one of my joke-fanarts XD


I hope you like it and it’ will be more Kabuki fanarts as soon as I get that DVD !! aaaahh!!! 22 september!! came quickly!! XD


8 Responses to “Hairstyle challenge ò , o!”

  1. 1 mich September 8, 2010 at 3:01 pm

    KYAAAAAAAA!!!! ^.^ AZUKI!! KABUKI!! AZUKI! KABUKI!! AZUKI!! KABUKI!! (repeat this 5 times, it’s like a tongue twister! hahahaha~)

    the kimono fabric is really detailed! honto ni kireii~ and the rock one really looks like tono! and he’s frowning, but cool lol. and the last picture is the funniest hehe~

    i can’t wait for 9/22! then we can see more kabuki fanarts haha!! the spider spirit is a must~~ lemme see, there’s also erm… hadaka drum-hitting tono… revenger tono… onnagat tono playing the koto… so many hehehe~~ can’t wait!! azuki, is there anything i can do for u in return? oshiete kudasai ^.^

  2. 2 Reiko September 8, 2010 at 6:48 pm

    Heyyy there missy~ I just saw this new entry you posted and omg, again I thought, “aawww, kawaiii!!’ (and a little laugh at the end-drawing of Tono entangled w/the optic wire lol)

    aahhhhh…I LOOOVE this Kabuki one SO MUCH! ♥♥♥ *repeats Mich’s mantra: Azuki!! Kabuki!! Azuki!! Kabuki!!* lolol

    I must say, the Rock one w/the guitar REALLY DOES look like Tono. This pic in the pamphlet was one of very my favorites, including out of your Kabuki-drawings so far.

    Could I use your Rock one to crop it for an icon to use elsewhere and make something w/it as well, like a personal banner 4 my LJ? Plez let me know…thanks.

    Next, the Kabuki-kimono one is BEAUTIFUL. ♥♥ Don’t appologize for not being able to use the right touch for the gold & silver in your drawing. It came from the heart and it’s ‘your touch’ you used for the painting so, don’t feel bad in not using the right mediums. I SIMPLY LOVE IT!

    And the hair in both the Rock & Kabuki-ones…kyaaaaaaaa~ ^.^ You must really have fun drawing Tono’s hairstyles ne?

    Late last night at Starbucks w/my friend, I tried drawing a little of Tono, copying one of your styles w/the spikey-hair at the top (from memory), and I couldn’t do it whatsoever. =__= I actually scratched it out afterwards, and even wrote something to the side of it and took a pic of it (w/my writing on it…lol) using my keitai. I’ll post about it on my LJ. lol I think you might laugh…maybe not…who knows. 😛 I never really realized how hard drawing Tono anime-style was until I ‘tried’ drawing a little. Goodness, I couldn’t even get the hair right. *dies* >.<

    Your joke-fanart of Tono entangled w/the optic wire is cute too. XDD Thanks 4 sharing!!

  3. 3 Yuu September 9, 2010 at 1:40 pm


    The First ONE! oh god~ KAKKOI~ love it, love it~ Takki ROCKS!!
    and I’m sure the second one is just more AWESOME with the shiny Gold & Silver~ (*o*) .. yet it’s still AMAZING~
    The last one xD KAWAAAIII~ X3

    KEEP GOING A-ZU-KI~♥ (^^)v

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