straightening up! º 0 º

These days I’m trying to clean up all my drawings, because I keep it over my desk and they were making a dangerous paper mountain o__O! so I decided to put the good ones in the clear-file and throw the bad ones… that are almost half of the mountain XD I think I’ve said it before but, I’m not helping the earth ecosystem with my way of wasting paper XDDD
anyway, I put them in the clear-file and now it looks like this


I should buy another one, u__u it’s a pity because that one still having free space, but it’s impossible to fill it with new papers XDD

a part form that I’m also doing a compilation of my baka-comics jejeje, soon I’ll post it here, when I finish to put it in order, but meanwhile I want to share with all a pice of my unpublished material jujuju
Sometimes I didn’t finish my baka-comics on time, (this is not a new fact XD) and some of them remind in my desk time enough to become old-fashioned and un-update u___u

This afternoon I rescue one of those baka-comics and I want you to make a memory exercise before read it Ò u Ó
Lets came back to “THE BEST ALBUM” release time,


ok, I want you to see all your best album photos, and the “photo-book” that cames with the C cover (the red one)
have you notice something strange? Ò u Ó

um.. maybe I’m the only one who notice it XD


Takki has a red hat in his hands… but there aren’t a simple photo with Takki wearing it!! º o º !!

Do you want to know why?? I have 3 theories

(sorry for the format of the baka-comics, they’re are horizontal as the old way I did it n , nU, click on the image for better reading)






jejeje, my favorite is the last one XD

any other theories??

2 Responses to “straightening up! º 0 º”

  1. 1 simone January 29, 2010 at 9:15 pm

    I do think the last one is the best! LOL

  2. 2 Yuu February 2, 2010 at 4:42 pm

    LOL!!!! Nice ones Azuki!
    My Favourite is #2 (^^)b Cause I loooveTsuba Tricks (~o^)
    Keep going (^^)V

    and about organizing your sketches in a CLEAR-FILE
    I do the same with my sketches: the good ones (^^)
    and the others are in papers boxes xD
    but I also sort it by years, so I have 4 CLEAR-FILES now:
    (2003~2006) (2007) (2008) (2009)

    wish you the best =)

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