KAKUMEI DA! \ Ò [] ó /



A few days ago I got a mail from Simone with a drawing request Ò u Ó ! it was about Kakumei pink fish outfit, and I couldn’t say no ( of course no, I LOVE that suit! XD)

Checking my kakumei goods I start being “chotto Natsukashii” (remembering) my last year kakumei trip… aaah #U u U# so I decided that it deserves more than one fanart XD

>> check it after the cut <<

fisrt step was getting ready and kakumeing myself


XD I have a lot of sketches from last year!! as usually I start thinking of so many drawings… and end up doing nothing XD still being as lazy as last year u__uUU

anyway, here you have the promise Pink Fish Takki suit [original picute here]


* u * !! I have problem to capture the birght of the pink fabric u_uU but the final result is not bad, ne?

I also drew my other favorite Kakumei Takki suit, the “futari no yoru” one [original picture here]


after watching Takki with that suit dancing and singing futari no yoru, that song becames even more gorgeous!! º 0 º I really hope they include it in Kakumei DVD (still waiting it btw, Avex-sama ù__u!)

and finally the last stage suit jejeje “the flying wet man” XDD [original picture here]


the cutest part of that wet fly is that Takki’s hair go down cause of the water XD I love that Photobucket > D < kawaii

and if you alow me to make a joke..


I thik Takki would save time if he wash his hair during that part XDD

it’s all for today, maybe more kakumeis fanart will come, or maybe I should finish some of my half-done works… aaaahh… lazy bakazuki = 3 = U


3 Responses to “KAKUMEI DA! \ Ò [] ó /”

  1. 1 simone January 10, 2010 at 9:07 pm

    As usual, your drawings are wonderful! I love them all.

    Excellent suggestion about the shampoo, remember how he said once they were so busy rehearsing they didn’t get to wash their hair…I’ll ring him up on my keitai and say it’s Azuki’s time-saving idea… Lol

  2. 2 neko-chan January 11, 2010 at 1:35 pm

    Sugoi ne~ I can see your drawing of me~ Muahahah… chu natsukashii~~

    I love your 1st drawing! hahah.. do u intend to sew an Azukamei suit? XDDD u look so cute n funny! n oh, u should add heels to those shoes, rmber tono’s heel? XDDD

    I love them all! Thanks so much for drawing these! Kakumei’ing mood ON!

  3. 3 nyanco January 15, 2010 at 3:46 am

    Azuki, I love your new drawings from Kakumei including the shampoo one XD
    Wow, time goes by so quick. It’s been a year since we’ve met. When are you coming back? in April? I miss you~

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