Real BAKA BAKA comic ·_·U


This time in order to not to spoil you anything I only can choose that silly Wan Wan Ryuzaki as the cover drawing XD

\ º 0 º / ORTHROS NO INU EPISODE 6 SPOIL \ º 0 º /

baka-comic and fanart behind the cut… but remember, you’ve to watch file 6 before! n_~

Can sound strange but las Thursday I have like a kind of premonition drawing .___.!!

It was late at nigh and I start scketchin in my notebook without thinking so much what I was doing = u = I enjoy drawing no sense things, and one of those drawins was this one


well, actually it is the final drawing, not my first scketch XD (the original scketch) It’s what I want as a happy end for Orthros no inu, but I’m pretty sure it’s not gonna be the real end … cause japanese scriptwriter are cruel…. and I know they’re gonna made me cry. (almost made me cry whith episode 6 btw)

So, on Friday, when I watched that *doki doki* final, after stop kyaing out loud, I started being quite frigthened .___.! can I guess the future with my drawings? XDDDD cause if it’s true… uh oh…. I’m gonna stop doing baka-comics XDDDDDD

just joking ne, actually it’s not the same action, there is no Mio in the last hug XD. I was so excited with that hug * D * it’s so cute!! Mich and I that were watching WanWan on real time, just a few seconds after the episode ends, we  agree that I HAVE to draw that scene. So there you have the real huge


more or less as the original…. I think I made Ryuzaki hug Nagase really tight…. not sure if she can breath, but . came’on, who can breath when Takki is hugging? ##º D º## aaaahh~~~~<3

and finally you have this week baka-comic,

TODAY LESSON, you have to know that “ARASHI” means storm and also is the name of another Johnny’s Jimusho band n___nU


this one is not a really good one, gomen neee, but that episode was a bit sad one, snif. I try to improve my humor next time jejeje

anyway, enjoy more the fanart that the baka comic today n__~

5 Responses to “Real BAKA BAKA comic ·_·U”

  1. 1 Leen September 1, 2009 at 10:59 am

    These are awesome! Super Duper Kawaii! BTW, does idontcry have anything to do with that infamous disney trip ;P ?

  2. 2 Azuki September 1, 2009 at 11:34 am

    Thanks a lot Leen, I’m glad you like it

    you got it, idontocry cames from Takki Jr Disneyland visit clip XD
    it was my first hilarious Takki clip I’ve watched, and I love it * u *
    part of my love is because I’m as bad as Takki is with English XD I can understand him jejejejeje

  3. 3 simone September 1, 2009 at 7:00 pm

    Indeed, super baka comics! Keep doing them, they are great.

    Please don’t tell me you have the same premonition as Mich and I have of a sad ending. There are so many of them for Japanese dramas.

  4. 4 Azuki September 1, 2009 at 10:37 pm

    Simone, I have that sad ending premonition since the moment Ryuzaki said his week point…

    yeah, Japanese drama endings are usually sad, but if I’m sincere, I love the endings that made me cry XDDD
    still hopping to cry of happinest more than sadnes ó ^ ò anyway, lets see what happen… omg I can’t wait till friday!! *excited*

  5. 5 Reiko September 2, 2009 at 10:07 pm

    Oiii sis…omgosh, matta…another set of kawaii-beautiful comics to this new drama!! *squeee*

    You’re really awesome drawing Takki like these. Gee, I wished I could draw like u. *sigh* In fact, I wished that was ‘me’ he’s hugging. lol (and maybe w/his red hand he’s putting, that’s my daughter? j/k j/k *runs*)

    Thank you for sharing all these! XDD <333 *takes all*

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