Talking with Ryuzaki ó . o!


\ º 0 º / ORTHROS NO INU EPISODE 3 SPOIL \ º 0 º /

orthros no inu  3 episode baka comic under the cut n , n

My favourite scene from the 3rd episode is  when Ryuzaki talks with Mio aaaahhh~~~<3 this is when you discover that Ryuzaki is not evil at all…. he is just… misunderstood ## – D – ##

even that… I made him a bit eveil kukuku


*HIDEOI* word is a mix of Hideaki & Hidoi <-wich means cruel xD

Aaaahh~~~*sigh* you know as me that this baka-comic is not true at all, = u =UU as my friend Mo has said, I’ll give anything in the world just for Takki touching my head * D *!! even my doll!! XDD

Talking about priorities I have to confess something with all, actually Ryuzaki will be very proud of me, cause I don’t betray my priorities n , nU I’m not so proud about that, but as I said I have a problem with my knee. nothing serious, sometimes it hurst me a lot, but it’s just when I did kind of  strange movement XD. I should have have an operation on it last year, but the date of the operation coincided with my Ai Kakumei trip, so I told the doctor to change the date. He told me that it was not possible so I decided to leave the operation and went to see Takki XDDDD

I know I know, it’s nothing to be proud of… but… you, as fan as T&T as I am… you understand me, right? ¡ ^ ¿  puppy eyes

anyway, I didn’t regret about that, no way changing a gorgeous time in Japan for an operation XD and  as I said it’s nothing very serious so I can heal it anyother time Ò u Ó d just need to meet Dr. Ryuzaki XDDDDD

7 Responses to “Talking with Ryuzaki ó . o!”

  1. 1 Yuu August 25, 2009 at 9:06 pm

    pretty Awesome Azuki~!!
    think Takki won’t never stop being Takki even when he’s Ryuuzaki xD

    Keep it up! waiting for next (^D^)b >> Yuu didn’t draw anything yet xD

    hope your knee would get better soon>> Yuu has proplem with her knee too (><) xD

  2. 2 mich August 26, 2009 at 1:56 pm

    azuki!!! kawaiiii~~~ i love that pic of you holding your takki doll away! but that scene from ep3 is also my favourite XDDD and that hug in the final pic is just like in takisama con when he hugged himself (to show that he hugged the audience)~~~ kyaaa!!! natsukashiiii…. and ya, i’d give up ANYTHING to hug the real takki… give up your doll, azuki! ^^

    i didn’t know that about your knee ne!! u didn’t mention during the trip~~~ but i also lost something precious becoz of the kakumei trip in january… something that i can never get back… but well, no use crying over spilt milk lol~ i just hope ur knee is ok now~ *hugs*

    btw, can i link ppl over to your comic??!! they’re too cute~~ XDDD

  3. 3 simone August 26, 2009 at 7:03 pm

    Please never stop doing these baka comics, they are so enjoyable!

    I understand your choice in January, but I hope your are also taking care of your knee. Had a torn cartilage once 2 weeks before an important trip, but I had no choice, as essentially I could hardly walk till it was operated on.

    Best wishes for prompt healing!

  4. 4 rasha August 27, 2009 at 12:20 pm

    oooooooh lol this good but lololol u can hug real takki nee lololXD he teasing u kawaiii lolololfunny very good

  5. 5 kittyhello August 28, 2009 at 8:33 am

    I see these pictures from, they are so cute!
    This is the first time that I come here.
    Can I upload these pictures on other site credit to you?
    Thank you !

  6. 6 Azuki August 28, 2009 at 1:05 pm

    Thanks for your comments, nice to read all as I said my knee problem is nothing serious, dun’t worry ne!? anyway *hugs* for all n__________n

    Yuu, yeah you’re right, you can see the real takki in a lot of Orthros scenes jejejeje Ryuzaki can not beat the real Takki XD

    Mich! XD I didn’t know about the hug in Takkisama com * D * he did that…omg he is soo cute ¡ D ¡ and people still wondering why we love him!?
    aaahh~~ we lost thing in our trips but won another ones ne? n___n *hugs back*

    Simone, yosh! I’m gonna continue Wan Wan baka comic series… if I still having good jokes XD anyway gambarimasu!
    So bad about your knee too T ^ T I’m lucky because if I don’t do stupid moviments I can’t feel anypain, it’s nothing seious, so that I could go. Thanks for your best wishes

    Rasha, I wish I could XDDD but who knows… maybe someday º 3 º ~~lala XD

    Kittyhello, YOROSHIKU!! n_____n /
    thanks for leave a comment, feel free to keep reading my blog, I’m very glad I have new reades * D * !!
    No problem uploading the pictures anywhere, actually I’m happy for that, I love sharing Takki’s love (uh! redundant n , nU)

  7. 7 Monica August 30, 2009 at 2:23 am

    Wow! I didn`t expect to see my name here…I feel kind of important, hi hi ^^
    This series is just hilarious!! Keep it up ^____^/

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