‘Cause I have dreamt it before = w =!

I’ve been challenged to continue the last baka-comic about how Takki gets that body painting so I drew those 3 more baka-comics explaining my theory XD

 I envy so much the artist who did that = ^ = !! Takki said that it took 2 hours to do that body painting, (even I thought I could do that in 2 minutes Ù , Ú!!) and also said that he fall sleep while he was painted … ·___· !! 

Actually I’ve dream once I painted on Takki’s body XDD maybe I’ll tell you about my dream nextime with some drawings XDD but I should finish the previous half-done = c = ! ~~sigh…. only 2 more weeks… 

★★baka-comics under the cut n_~★★


2 Responses to “‘Cause I have dreamt it before = w =!”

  1. 1 mich May 29, 2009 at 8:10 am

    KYAAAA!!!! kawaiii!!!! azuki, u always make me kya out in office ne! i love ur bakacomics!!! lol~ tsubasa’s painting is HIDEous!

  2. 2 SUKI June 10, 2009 at 3:46 am

    haha it’s so funny xD i love it xD i love TakiTsuba’s love more and more thanks to your baka comics xD lol xD xD

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