Japan Trip part II



Once again there is Takki-doll writing instead of Azuki

 I have new suit!! どう?かっこいか? is it cool?


It’s one of the suits of Kakumei show, Azuki¡’s favourite … after the gorgeous pink-fish one… but luckily she hasn’t find the clothes to sew that = c = ~~relief sigh

Lets continue the story when I’ve left it in the previouse post, when we arrived at Kansai

go to PART 2


20th Osaka’s Day

On the 20th we visited Osaka city. I had a diferent view of Osaka, because last time I’ve been here, in 2006, I didn’t have time to visit it very well.. because… Azuki and I got lost 3 times in one day!! x__x

This time was diferent cause Nyanco was our guide * u * !!

Remember an old video of 8jikan tv program? the one of Kanjani showing Osaka to Takki, so we visited almost all the places Kajani went with Takki * D * I was so happy remembering all those places

We went to Dotonburi, of course XD


This place is full of temptative oishii food…

aaaahh I want that big size biru and kani º ¬ º

After walking arround there and having lunch we went to Amerika mura, to Osaka’s Johnny’s shop. The girls seems not have enought pictures and they bought a lot!! ( *AZK talk ->ò , o! wait! just bought 4 pics there, It’s my lowest mark! ) I think Osaka’s shop is better cause it’s bigger and you can see the pics with calm, not as the chibi shop SHINE in Harajuku

After buying we continued our 8jikan tour going to the Osaka tower,



 we have to say hello to Billken kamisama!


of course we went up the tower and talk a little keigo with Billiken again, “ogenki desu ka” * D *



Azuki seems to like this kamisama a lot, she saids that is one of the cheefull God she has ever seen…
 ヒソヒソ (/ º  c º)~~ヒソヒソ Azuki is scare of many of the Japanese Gods

When we finished our visit to Billiken we finded another 8jikan place

the Spaworld, it’s where Kanjani brings Takki to have a massage. We didn’t enter inside (no time for a massage = 3 =UU) but it was on the way for our next Takki-osaka place



the Okonomiyaki shop, where Hina, Yoko and Subaru took Takki during the Dream Boy Osaka special.


As a fan as the girls are, we sit in the same table where Takki Hina Yoko and Subaru sit, and we order the same Takki have order * ¬ *


It was sooo oichii, but it was soo big that it was the first time that I’ve seen Azuki not finishing her okonomiyaki o__o!


we had a great time there º u º  and after that we return to our hotel and the girls went to take a bath in the great Onsen = u = aaah I wish I were washable

another ヒソヒソ (/ º  c º)~~ヒソヒソ meanwhile the girls were in the onsen, Tsuba & I take the chance to drink beer in the bedroom

HOHOHOHO (# ̄ー ̄)/[][]\( ̄ワ   ̄ #) cheers!

21th Kyoto’s day

On the 21th we went to Kyoto. We wanted to go to Kurama’s Temple, but it was raining and we were so lazy to get up early so, we decided to go just around Kyoto city and see all the other temples in the city

our first stop (after a super oichi obento (delicious lunch box) made by Nyanco’s mother * ¬ *) was the San-ju San-gen do Temple.





Takki filmed one Yoshitsune scene in that temple, inside, in the part that it’s full of that gorgeous 1001 statues of  buddishist deity…. the ones Azuki is scared of  XD

It’s very beautifull and calm, I love it

After san ju san gen do we went to Kyomizudera. This is a very beautifull temple too. It was a pitty that it was raining, but the rain was no strong enought to stop Azuki to pray in the “love corner” of the temple …

I wonder what did she pray for ò . ó? ( ##u , u ## HI· MI· TSU~~ )

Then we went to our real propose on the trip to Tokyo… to the Fire Ramen shop!! * D * !!

Another T&T recomendation (AKA: another place they’ve been before) This place is called Fire Ramen because you can eat a real fired ramen there * O * !!


~~the fire ramen after the fire xD~~

It was so funny! the ramen man was very nice and talk a lot with us about the visit of T&T. He can’t understand why 4 fans came from so far away just to eat the same as their idols, jejeje, this is something that only the fans can understand ne?

The ramen was delicious too n___n

22th Miyajima’s Day

On the 22th we went to Hiroshima and Miyajima.  First we took the shinkasen till Hiroshima and then we change to a local train till the place we have to take the ferris to go to Miyajima Island


We were so lucky because even the day was cloudy it didn’t rain (maybe thanks to Teru Teru º u º!) and also because we didn’t found a lot of people in the island.

Miyajima is the place Takki took his photos for Enbujou’s 2008 pamplet and it is so beautifull that we almost spend all the day taking pictures of all,

the Ootori,

the Itsukushima shine

and… the deers ò , o !!

Azuki found a friend in miyajima XD she was eating Dango and suddenly a deer tryed to steal Azuki’s dango. The situation was almost like this:

~~ Azuki and her Dear Deer friend ~~

After eat in Miyajima we come back to Hiroshima, because we wanted to visit the memorial park, but it got late and we didn’t have time to visit it u , u !


~~Family Photo~~


5 Responses to “Japan Trip part II”

  1. 1 simone February 19, 2009 at 1:41 am

    I enjoyed reading Part 2. I love Takki 人形’s new outfit. You are an artist in many ways!

    I only know Osaka’s airport, but I have been to Kyoto and love it. Next time I will manage Kuruma dera. I have to complete my Yoshitsune pilgrimage.

    I liked Miyajima a lot, and remember its voracious deer. You were there at low tide like me. (Naughtiest has some good photos of it at high tide).

    Looking forward to the continuation…

  2. 2 neko-chan February 19, 2009 at 1:11 pm

    azuki! u drew such a scary deer, pp might believe u deshou!? *sending a pat to japan to ur dear deer friend!* XDDDDD

    as i’ve said, i love that outfit too.. dear takizuki love it too ne~~ NE~~ lol

  3. 3 mich February 20, 2009 at 1:59 pm

    takki-doll’s new outfit is mich’s favourite of kakumei~~ so mich is very happy ne~~ Futari no Yoru is really really kakkoii ne!!! NEEEE~~~~ XD

  4. 5 nyanco March 1, 2009 at 11:53 am

    Azuki~ Deers are not that scary yo~ XD but I love your drawing and all the photos from our trip! and the new outfit too!
    thanks for making this nice report 😀

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