Hi!! here Takki-doll updating Azuki’s blog.

Bakazuki is so lazy that she can’t do a report of our last trip to Japan. We came back the last sunday and she still saying she has jet-lag ¬¬UU

anyway, I’ve borrow her laptop and I show you my own diary of the trip, explaining the better I can about our brief visit to nippon. 

It’s gonna be quite long, so continue reading only if you have time n_~



ヒソヒソ (/ º  c º)~~ヒソヒソ if there are some mistakes, it’s because I also have jet-lag, gomen nee

go to PART 1

14th January

the 14th of january, after 18 hours traveling, we finally land in Narita (Tokyo) and wait for Kat. Luckly she reconise Azuki (there was no a lot of girls with pinku hair in Narita ) 

Kat is so cute and nice, she gives me a lot of hugs (hugs are all I need for live) we became great friends during our trip 

Today we haven’t done anything special, just find the hotel, and eat ramen º ¬ º


We start the day going to Meiji shine, cause Azuki promise Clara to put an eme to wish a year full of T&T n_n !! 

then we went to the other Harajuku temple, Johnny’s shop. Azuki that didn’t want to buy any photos left the shop that day with 20 XDD aaah I’m so irresistible Ù u Ú d! 

then we went to the imperial theatre because we had tickets for that day show (13pm), Kat & Azuki first Ai Kakumei show and also their first butai. The sits were pretty good, a bit in the corner but so close that they didn’r need binoculars to see Tono’s face, the imperial theatre is not so big, so almost all the sits were pretty good sits n__n

Both were so exited and happy. They Kyaa a lot and Azuki hold me all the time so thigthly that I almost can’t breath x__x!! 

about the show, Azuki wants to do a drawing report, so I leave it to her, but everytime anybody ask how was the show she has an special bright in her eyes and she has not words enought to express how great it was * D * “she feels so sunny and so happy that she shines” <-sentence of a song 

At the end of the show I heart a few bakazuki’s sobs, I guess ending with Epilogue song was so much to Azuki’s ice-heart XDD

after the show, we went to shibuya to the Johnny’s Family Club,

I’ve never been before, it’s like a room full of posters and sings and messages of all the Jonny’s members, but we have very bad luck because we went almost on the close time so we can’t see the clip of Takki-Tsuba on the screems u , u 


Today we started the day visiting Kyon’s house. あああ 懐かしい!

and we also went to another special place, the Taiyou no Kisetsu crossroad, where Tatsuya and Keiko met.

Actually it’s just a street, but seems to be so important to a Taiyou no kisetsu obsesed as Azuki is XD *funny*


Then once again we went to the teatre, this time we had lunch before (on the 15th that girls forgot eating before the show) and once again KAKUMEIII * u *

Today we were on almost the last row on the 2nd floor, 8000 yenes sits XD but still being great ones because Takki flies near us n___n!! 

During the break, a Japanese girl siting next to us ask for me * D * ! タッキー手作り人形!! #º u º# (Takki’s handmade doll) I’m very popular when Azuki brings me to all the Takki’s acts *embarrassment* 

After the show we went to a second hand Idol stuff shop and we eat Takki-yakis.

Them we came back to the hotel in a hurry, because we need to watch Music Station. Takki ask us to watch it in the theatre, so no way loosing it Ò u Ó !! 


In the morning we went to Shinjuku to the metropolitan goberment building,  just to do something tourist at least XD and we came back to the theatre once again for our 3rd show (13 pm ) this time the theatre look more full than the other days, having more staff and Juniors on the stage, I guess Jr are not alowed to play on weekdays, maybe because they still being students? ·_.?

anyway once again the show was gorgeous, even watching it 3 days in a row, I could hear Azuki & Kat  kyaing.

After the show we went to Odaiba, to see the Liberty Statue as Kyon and Sumire’d done once

And then, to the Ferris wheel place, remembering Michi & Hikaru

~~~~~~ waiting Senseii~~~~~~~~~~~



Not having enought of drama setting place, we went to Taiyou no Kisetsu park. I’ve been last year here, but not in the evening.



Today we wanted to go to TokyoDisney, but it seems to be cloudy and raining so we decided to go shopping in Harajuku. There we meet our new friend Kat’s Hidezo doll * D * !! He is so soft and cute!

Azuki was so jeleaus, she also want one, but we had luck enought just finding one to be adopted


~~~~~views from our hotel~~~~~~

on the 19th we have to leave our hotel in Ikebukuro and go to Osaka. In the morning we went to the karaoke and we had a little surprise there

Azuki & Kat sing Ai Kakumei as the first song, and when just when they finished it while they were looking another songs in the karaoke machine, suddley they heard




Tono’s message after the song to thanks the people who sing it, and inviting all to sing it again.

We spend all the 2 hours singing T&T songs, and of course Ai kakumei again and again.

After the karaoke we went to Shinagawa station to meet Mich. Mich is so cute and lovely  > D < I love her, she also gives me a lot of hugs and we enjoy a photosesion in the shinkansen going to Osaka

in Osaka I meet my 3rd cute friend Nyanco > u < !! once again lots of hugs *happy* she is so nice and pretty~~~<3 I’m so glad of meeting all those girls 


9 Responses to “Tadaimaaaaa^[]^”

  1. 1 Yuu January 30, 2009 at 9:05 am

    Okairi Azuki-san .. (^_^)
    this is my first comment ever in here,
    loved your blog,

    Hope you enjoyed your Japanese trip

    waiting for our next chat meeting XD


  2. 2 Azuki January 30, 2009 at 12:23 pm

    tadaima Yuu!!

    thanks for your comment, feel free to write whatever you want here, n____n

    I enjoy a lot my trip, but it was soo shoort ¡ = ¡ buaaa just 11 days is not enoutght, sob sob

    I’ll leave Takki-doll write the second part son, he is trying to put some order in his memories n___n

    waiting for our next chat too º 3 º chuchu ~~~~<3


  3. 3 neko-chan January 30, 2009 at 1:20 pm

    XDDD Okaeri! You took such a long time ne~ I miss Takizuki n Tsubazuki alr! haha.. u lazy gal, keep blaming ur jet lag!!! XDDDD

    I had fun with these! Eh? When did Takizuki took that photo with my cute “rat”? hahaha.. kawaii ~.~

    cant wait for more of ur updates.. i better write my part 2 hahah..too.. *chu* ILU gal! Let’s do it again!

  4. 4 Acid Pink Cherry January 31, 2009 at 4:45 pm

    Tus fotos son todas lindas!! : )
    Que bueno que fuiste allá : )

  5. 5 leelin February 1, 2009 at 12:41 pm

    okairi, azuki….bet u have great fun in takkiland…

  6. 6 simone February 5, 2009 at 1:30 am

    Okaeri nasai! Lovely to have you back!

    This is a great report with good photos. I look forward to reading the rest of it.

    I have been to several of the places you mention, but not 2 important ones: the Taiyou no Kisetsu intersection and park. Do tell me where they are (e-mail or PM on the forum, thanks).

    Pity I won’t have タッキー手作り人形 along!

  7. 7 rasha February 10, 2009 at 1:43 am

    hiiiiiiiiiiii welcome back azukiii i hope u have great time ..i see that ^^ lol i wanna go too >< pleaseeeeeeee huggggggggg miss u aloott ok don’t for get ?!! lve all takki pics here..kawaiiiiii doll..^^
    ahh jealous of it ^^;; *envy*i wanna go there one day~~=,=’prays’
    ok see u soon ok ,,pleasee kissssssss

  8. 8 Stephi-chan February 13, 2009 at 8:34 pm

    OMG, this is the CUTEST way I’ve seen anyone do a travel log!
    I can just picture your Takki doll sitting at your computer typing this! XD
    KAWAII ne!
    Welcome back and I hope your jetlag goes away soon. When I go to Japan I’d love to see that yellow appartment building from BokunoMado. It’s on the list of things a fangirl MUST DO lol.
    Thank you Takki-kun (and Azuki) for the awesome report!

  9. 9 Azuki February 14, 2009 at 9:20 pm

    ei! minna! Thanks a lot for your comments!
    Takki doll is so happy that he almost has the second part finished * D *
    I ask him if he wants to write my blog from now, but he said that is very dificult tip without fingers XDDD

    Simone, the taiyo no kisetsu road is near Meguro station, very easy to find…. if you take the correct exit of the estation XD (btw, the one which has a McDonals XD)
    here you have a map marked, n_~

    and the park is Takeshiba in Hanamatsuchou JR station on the oposite way of tokyo tower XD it’s also easy to find. Here the map

    if any of us want to know where is anything just ask me ne! º u º !

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