Kokuchisezu Mitaa!!! * D *!!

Thanks to all of you I finally watched Kokochisezu > D < kyaaa!! arigatou! 

I couldn’t wait to watch it today so I decided to go really really late to bed yesterday x___x this morning I almost couldn’t get up, and there is no make up enought to cover those panda rings under my eyes, but I don’t mind, cause after meeting cute Dr Takizawa I’m a happy panda XD


UNDER THE CUT !!!!! \ º 0 º /

aaahh~~ it’s a really touching drama, isn’t it? = u = it’s very sad but at the same time very tender. I thought I won’t cry because I know what’s gonna happend in advance, but the very last scene, when you think the drama is gona finish, Otoo-san found the letter and suddenly my tears run down my face ¡ = ¡ omg! Japanese directors are always so crueeeeel ¡ [] ¡

a part from that all the actors do their job very well · O · sugoii!! they really look as a real family!

Aplause to the director because they’re a lot of cute and cool shot of Dr.Takizawa, and that white nurse uniform suits him a lot > D < *kyaaa moment*

You know I like joking about anything, and I want you to notice some of the drama….

it’s only me, or Takki eats a lot during the drama? o__o!


this are a few scenes where he is etaing, and they’re also more scens where he is gonna eat, ·__· !! 

even he asked to Guam boy if he knows a good restaurant!! XD

my friends and I have a theory, we think that a Johnny only eats when he goes to a TV program (because in all the japanese TVprograms there is an eating section) and in the dramas, in real live they don’t eat in real live, so it explain why are so thin and why they eat with that passion XD

So I’m lucky for Takki but…

a bit worry about Tsu, cause we haven’t seen him in a TV program or drama from long time ne? ó_o!! 

anyway, I’m sure his aikata look after him very well (maybe that’s why his latest present for Tsuba b’day was a cake XDDDD)

and.. well… my last cruel joke… you know what is the way Takki get off with foreing people, ne? n___n 

2 Responses to “Kokuchisezu Mitaa!!! * D *!!”

  1. 1 simone November 18, 2008 at 7:36 pm

    I love your jokes!
    And, you know, you just may be right about the eating. Do you remember in Boku no M., how she was always asking for food, or he was in a restaurant, or somehow there were a lot of eating scenes.

    Last but not least, in the Music Station interview the main thing he talked about is the food available during the filming, plus the excess barbecuing by Tachi san…

  2. 2 Acid Pink Cherry January 3, 2009 at 5:02 pm

    Poor Tsubasa!!!! xD
    I love your draws!!!
    Son taaan buenos!! : )

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