T&T in 24jikan TV * u *


Few minutes but very nice to saw T&T together once again in TV… and of course…. minutes enought to do a silly joke xD


I’m very happy they choose pink colour of the T-shirt  I really like that Murakami’s desing, Murakami’s desing are always choo kawaii > D < (remember Tongari-kun, nee Tsukilina n_~)

ああ~~ぁ this year I only watched T&T part of 24jikan, but I remember last year show = u = なつかしい~~ィ

I haven’t seen it in real time, but I remember downloading it the next day from clubbox, and watching it during all the day, it was like watching it but one day after XDD

Tons of great moments, funny clips and touching stories, I really enjoy a lot last show and hope Takki Tsuba will be the guest another year (maybe next year? * D * blink blink)

and I’m sure minna have already read it, but just in case, and because is not in that blog, I re-post my last year T&T in 24jikan bakacomic  n___n enjoy it



( ヒソヒソ (/ °c°)/~~ *wishper, know what? I have that monkey-ape T-shirt of 30th edition, but I can’t wear it because the yellow is soooo brigth that all the insects and bugs stiked in the t-shrit x__x!!)


1 Response to “T&T in 24jikan TV * u *”

  1. 1 neko-chan September 5, 2008 at 6:05 am

    haha.. starry eyes!! jus wah we talk abt recently!!! kawaii!!! ~~ i hope they hv more performance on the show too.. but it’s still good to see them wearing the same.. ^~^

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