Cause Tsubasa is inspiration ~~<3

Today, well, actually yesterday XD (omg I spend one more night drawing * u *) I got my Tsubasa’s Worlds Wing’s Premium goods > D < kyaaaa (*huges Leaping Lucas)


The Pamphlet is sooo sexy-cute, and the keichain is glorious, I have no words for it * D *

The best part of all is that after drowling my pamphlet I got some inspiration for draw #= u =# happy happy

I wanted to draw a bit with my water colours, and the result is that “Nuerete Raining Man” XDD


(>_< ouch! baka-scaner invented a bit the colours of the drawing ¡ – ¡)

*more drawings under the cut *

Althought I’m gonna go down in history as the worst pamphlet photographer, I’ll show you the inspiration for that drawing


and also 2 more drawins


I hope you all like it * u * and next will be Tono’s time xD

and remember if you want to know everything about Tsuba’s WWP go to Tackey-Tsubasa net ! Leaping Lucas has done a gorgeous job, sumarizing all the play with photos and also audio!! *strong recomendantion*


6 Responses to “Cause Tsubasa is inspiration ~~<3”

  1. 1 mich August 15, 2008 at 2:58 am

    uwwaahhh~~ kakkoii!! i love that nureta rainy man! omg~ u draw his hands & body shape so accurately!! the ame otoko & the purple suit one is so cute!! haha~ and believe me, i have taken worst photos of my pamphlets than u 😀

  2. 2 neko-chan August 15, 2008 at 3:41 am

    after seeing the photo, now i chotto regret i did’t get the keychain as well.. arrhh.. but thanks to u, i can always see them here ne^^ i love all the drawings, but for rating wise.. 1st fav, 2nd phamp drawing, cos it’s so similar to the phamp! but u also add tsubazuki smile on him ~_~ 3rd phamp drawing.. tsuba in purple.. oh u draw an addition of his dancing style, it’s like an addition to the phamp photo, simply refreshing n nice! to be frank, i tink these 2 fits my 1st fav, cos i really had a hard time deciding which one is 1st fav, so i’ll simply make them 2 as 1st fav!!! a draw! wahaha.. lol.. for the 2 雨男drawing, it’s a cuter version n a more mature version of tsubauki, so each got their own attractions ne.. thanks 4 sharing these.. bring a smile to my face early in the morn! =)

  3. 3 carol August 15, 2008 at 6:56 pm

    wow, tsubasa looks fantastic, very sexy, especially the first drawing. the 雨男 one is so cute. seriously, are you not considering publish your drawing??i will buy it any day.

  4. 4 simone August 16, 2008 at 2:20 pm

    I had seen your drawings on the forum, but like them even more the second time, especially your ame otoko and that pink dancer! I agree with Carol. You should publish your work. It is truly professional.

  5. 5 Azuki August 16, 2008 at 10:46 pm

    Mich! Thanks * D *, but… thoses photos of the pamphlet are the best ones I took… of… at least 30 XDDD seriously I’m a very bad photographer ·__·!! XD

    Neko-chan! thanks to for your comments, Tsubazuki smile® XDDD!! I love it!. About the keychain actually I love it because is like, I dunno, like takking the WORST souvenir of Spain and put Tsubasa’s logo on it XDD It’s like is sooo tacky (without e XD) that I LOVE it XDDD anyway, you’re gonna forget about the keychain when you look the gorgeous pamphlet * o * !!

    Carol, you’re so nice saying that xD actually I didn’t consider publish my drawings before, casue.. I dunno, I just do it for fun XDD but maybe someday it could be a great idea to put the drawings and the comics in order xDD and don’t worry, I’ll present you the first one for giving me the idea n______n *hug

    Simore, thanks too for your nice comments ne, I’m glad you like it, ok, I’m gonna present you the sencond one XDD

    Looks like I laught about it, but I really really apreciate all your words n_____n honto ni ureshiiii
    yosh! I’ll work hard for not disappoint you all n_~

  6. 6 besuto August 21, 2008 at 9:51 pm

    Azuki, I commented at the forum but I thought I would come here and flail too.

    I always love your interpretations, they have so much character. I love how every time Tsubasa gets a new hairstyle your manga Tsubasa does too. I absolutely CANNOT choose a favourite, but certainly ame otoko is gorgeous and well… they are all wonderful. I never thought what it must be like for a Spanish girl to be getting all this spanish-inspired merchandise — castanet keychains and such. For me it would be like Tsubasa’s logo all over a tacky “Koala” keychain. I’m sure he would make it work, though

    I am going to an anime/manga convention in Sydney this weekend, and we always have drawing competitions and “Duel Artist” and stuff. You are every bit as good as our Duel Artists, who have to churn out the same favourite characters in different situations over and over again up on the main stage in front of an audience and with a time limit. You have just become very good at capturing Takki and Tsubasa’s characters now as you have your unique “style” of drawing them. But the magic thing is the personality you give them. I feel like your Takki and Tsubasa are real characters somewhere, always reacting to things in certain, familiar ways.

    Thank you as always for Dr. Takki and WW Tsubasa. I still dream that Avex will put you on the payroll one day.

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