T&T dolls have a new armchair * D *

Today I were shopping with my mom and look what I found


Tadaaan!! \º D º / it’s a new armchair for Takki and Tsu! > D < !!


I’m so happy about that buy because It only costs me 3€ !!! (it’s very cheap) It is not so much pretty, but for only 3€ I can’t ask for more XDDD * D * ureshiii

Now Tsuba has his own armchair XD, remember the pink one?


this is Takki’s armchair, cause a friend present it for Takki

Although I know Tono lend it to his aikata a lot of times I was quite sorry for Tsu, but now he has his own one * D * !!


now the problem is…


They need a new bigger flat ·__·!! omg, I must change it or maybe free space of the up shelve to made a duplex apartment XDDD


aaahh~~~~ sorry, I know there are so many pics, but T&T dolls are so adorable that I can’t stop taking photos of them xDDD > u < ~~ ❤


1 Response to “T&T dolls have a new armchair * D *”

  1. 1 neko-chan August 13, 2008 at 5:22 am

    wahahaha.. i love it when u put takkizuki on tsubazuki!!! omg, kawaii overloaded!!! oh n i love takkizuki pinku chair, must hv miss it cos this is the 1st time i’m seeing it.. looks like u really hv to expand their living space (shelf) XDDD n dun worry abt having too many pic, it’s NEVER enough when it hv stuffs related to T&T.. wahahaha.. XP ps: i love tsuba guitar too, unique! ^^

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