omg! azuki excited! I’m sure you know it but if there is anybody daydreaming here…

PhotobucketTAKKI IS GONNA BE A DOCTOR IN A NEW SP DRAMAPhotobucket * D * !!


minna! Kya with me!! kyaaa

\( º D   º \) ……. 

………(/ º   D º)/

I’m soo happy! cause I wanted a new Takki’s drama > u < !! it’s a pity that it is just an special one, but anyway, 1 file better than nothing ne! * D *

I can’t wait to see Takki as a doctor, I’m sure he will be supa cool * D * I’ve read some summaries and I think it’s not gonna be very bloody (as “code blue” of yamapi) I’m not so friendly with bloody scenes and all those medical things @__@U I think it’s gonna be more a “crying” one…. Takki … bad boy … you’re gonna made me cry once again, >_< you’re gonna made me dishonor my mail acount again! XDDDD

I’m sure I’m not gonna be ill anymore with that doctor… um.. well.. or maybe I must get ill to go to see him ¬ u ¬ kukuku

of course that new deserves a baka-comic n_~



sorry it’s quite “personal” this time but I’m sure all Takki’s fans feel the same as me, right? XD

You want to know one curious thing Ò , Ó d! Remember Hikaru? that chibi cute boy on “Majou no Jouken” > u < he wants to became a doctor and finally he got it!! XDD I’m very happy for him! XDD

and also the previous Takki’s drama “kimi ga kureta natsu” Takki and Fukada were married, as if Manato and Yui of “Strawberry Onthe Shortcake” were married too * D * !! kukuku all these things are by chance… I don’t think so Ò u Ó d !! (azuki’s imagination always beyond the limit)


5 Responses to “HIKARU YOU GOT IT!! * D * !!”

  1. 1 mich August 5, 2008 at 3:05 pm

    *KYAAAAAAAA* \( º D º \) ……. ………(/ º D º)/

    omg~ azuki!!! ur baka comics are so cute and funny!! I love that little anpanman on Takizawa-sensei’s medical records hahaha… (and that fainting azuki is so cute lol!)

    and yea, i also thought the same about S.O.S & Kimi ga ^^ But I didn’t think of this Kokuchisezu & Majo no Jouken until u mentioned it!

    and erm, with regards to the last frame of comic, i definitely feel the same way as u ne *runs*

  2. 2 neko-chan August 5, 2008 at 4:31 pm

    kyaaa x million still not enough ne.. XDD i guess all of us will faint like u on the spot if we see him.. doc or not!!! lol.. n *ahem* the last frame.. haha.. takki kun being so uptight n naughty tsu is showing his playfulness, ^0^ i love how u display each of their personality in ur drawings. thanks a zillion! same as mich, i feel the same way as u would in ur drawings.. i tink all of us will!!! XDD

  3. 3 carol August 6, 2008 at 2:23 am

    They are all so adorable. You know what i’ve been thinking, i think you should publish a book with all your comics and little stories, i will definitely buy a copy^_^.

  4. 4 Miron August 7, 2008 at 1:34 am

    awwwwwwwww kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~ (*+*)
    I so love it… cute cute cute *heart*
    and nurse tsub lol… indeed tsubasa would give a good girl =P *hides*
    is that a dress he’s wearing right? o.o

    btw agree with carol here ^^ remember what we talked? you should apply to shojobeat with your stories *heart* ^x~

  5. 5 Azuki August 10, 2008 at 1:59 pm

    ei girls!! Thanks a lot fo kyaing with me !! * D * ureshii
    I’m so glad you like my baka-comics Ò u Ó º(have another new one on mind, just wait for it XD)

    but Carol, Miron… I can publish a book!! XDDDD !! firts of all because I don’t want Johnny’s yakuza (mafia) looking for me, for not paying T&T copyrights xDDD
    and also because you’ve only seen the nice Azuki… in fact I’m a VERY VERY LAZY girl, I’m sure I’m not able to work as a comic artis because of my laziness … omg .. Tono’ll not alow it ne? u__uUU I have to solve that

    anyway, as well as being repetitive, thanks a lot for your comments, they made me want to draw more and more * D *

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