How an Uchiwa can change all your bedroom decoration ·_·U

First of all let me apologize for the lack of updates these days but I was very stressed,  Photobucket

Thanks all the people who ask for me * D * and thanks a lot for your previouse coments URESHIII

These two previouse weeks I was trying to redecorate my bedroom and It’s beeing more dificutl than I thougt ·__·!! as I work on the mornings I expend a lot of time doing it XD

It’s a long story, so if you want and have time just read beyond the cut n_~

The story begins a month before when I was trying to stick some new poster on my wall. I dunno how but one of my Gods ( God means Uchiwa XD someday I’ll explain why my friends and I call uchiwas Gods) fall behind a big furniture


That  furniture was like a bunk with a wardrobe  under it… it’s quite hard to explain what did it looks like but it was o big and my poor kami-sama was trapped, alone, and sad….

I have no way of getting back my Uchiwa but destroying that furniture so…


then I take the advantage of it and I decided to paint and redecored my bedroom…. but… do you remember? I tell a previous post before I was the oposite of “minimalist” so … redecorating all my bedroom was like a nigthmare @_@

just see that pics of my “previouse” bedroom


have you an idea of what I’m saying? XDDD I have to pack all the things and put it on another bedroom of my flat, just to keep it safe from paint and all T__T


but when I empty all, I feel an extrange feeling ·____· I feel alone!! OMG I can’t belive that the posters and all the things keep me so company ·_·!


I didn’t notice it because it was full of posters but my bedroom was painted in blue and when it was empty I feel like inside of an empty swiming pool xDD

Anyway, I went to the paint shop with the idea of buy some light pint to the walls and magenta for the windows and the door… but… when I was on the paint shop I saw a Magenta colour for the walls * D * I’m always so impulsive girl than I bought it and when I paint the walls it was like OMG!! IT LOOKS LIKE A LOVE HOTEL x,,DDDDDDDD

it is very very magenta #FF0090!! XDDDD but I LOVE IT * D * !!! and anyway It’s gonna be just the colour of my poster’s frames XDD

ok, now I’m re-placing all the things, so it’s not finished yet, when I’ll finish it I promise I post some pics with the resoult n__~

meanwhile wish me luck cause I didn’t remember where all the things were O__o It’s like a puzzle

( bso: Tetris song )


6 Responses to “How an Uchiwa can change all your bedroom decoration ·_·U”

  1. 1 neko-chan August 3, 2008 at 3:22 am

    haha.. i jus try my luck to see whether u hv updated as i saw ur comments on my blog.. n walaaa..!!!! i hv a lovely time going thru ur HUGE collection n laughing my head off when azuki-san feel so lonely w/o them!!! lol.. i love that drawing, totally spell all ur feelings out!!! (no takki no life) lol.. n i love that uchiwa of takki drawing u made! honto? love hotel? ur rm? with all those gorgeous posters n stuffs? OMG, u gotta finish ur rm soon n show me all the pic.. cant wait ne! rofl!

  2. 2 mich August 3, 2008 at 4:46 am

    good luck ne!! hahaha~ u make me laugh!!! and i love your room!!!! YOU HAVE TAIYOU NO KISETSU ORIGINAL DVDS!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHH~~~ tattttssuuyaaaa!!! and i spot the very same takki countdown uchiwa that i have up for display now in my “display cupboard” lol~ cant wait to see ur #FF0090 *cough love hotel* wall & new bedroom! hahahaha!!! lol, NO TONO = NO LIFE!! how true! xD

  3. 3 simone August 3, 2008 at 3:44 pm

    As usual, I love your drawings! Interested in seeing the new bedroom and how you will rearrange your collection!

  4. 4 Tsukilina August 4, 2008 at 8:54 pm

    Hi! Welcome back! I really wish you good luck trying to put again and in the same order all the stuff in your cork board!! XD

  5. 5 Tsukilina August 4, 2008 at 8:56 pm

    By the way! I love the pon pon pata pon!! (*-*)

  6. 6 carol August 4, 2008 at 11:42 pm

    so you r back again. good luck with your re-decoration! you do have a lot of stuff^_^ ne…

    personally i could never imagine using magenta as a color in my room, i am the total opposite of you, i am a minimalist. pretty much need everything to be boxed, nice and neat(a little like 283 in this regard).

    enjoy the rest of the summer~~~

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