`cause you also are my sun * D *


I know I’d promised you another Evil Takizawa baka-comic, but I’ve not finised it yet XDD so I update with a Taiyou no kisetsu drawing n__n

Today Google remember that the summer begins * D * (Taiyo no kisetsu = the season of the sun) and so did the sun in my country X__x omg!! today is very hot!! I think cause that hotter weater I have a terrible headache this afternoon, but after a “siesta” and pills I feel better XD

I sketched this drawing long time ago but I never have the chance to finish it. Actually I wanted to do in a more “realistic” style but I’m soo use to draw little T&T than I have lost all my realistic style X__xUUU bakazuki!! and also have problems with the background = []= !! omg! I have to practice more and more XDDD

but anyway… it’s cute, ne? ó u òUU I hope you like it~~


aah~~Photobucket = u = I have so many reasons to love “taiyo no kisetsu”~~Photobucket

I rewacht it every summer XD cause this was my first contact with Takki º O º !! thanks to that drama now I’m T&T fan! XD

I have so many reasons to love “taiyo no kisetsu”….

  • I love Tatsuya even he is evil * D *
  • I love Eiko cause she is choo kawaii (very cute) in the drama and in real live (I’ve seen her in japan O o O!) and also because she is such a clever girl that can get Takki and Tsubasa’s heart XDD (she was Tsubasa’s lover on “Summer Snow” drama)
  • I love the soundtrack even I’ve tryed to find it in japan till death but don’t get it u , u “for my sun” is the best piano song for ever ¡ ^ ¡ !! (makes me want to learn piano just to play that song)
  • I love “kiseki” the ending, cause it was the first T&T song I’ve heard.
  • I love Yuki (the bad girl) cause she has the most evil scene I’ve ever seen in a drama
  • I love wet Takki Tatsuya #u,u#
  • I love the hole drama because it makes me cry every time I watch it ¡ u ¡ good dramas made you cry xD

ah~~ you must rewatch it once again… or watch it if you haven’t watched it before. It’s the best option to figth against the hot summer * D * belive me


 ah! before I forget…


people who usually visit the blog, and the new ones (Carol, Angky SImone, you’re wellcome to my blog º D º !!) thanks a lot, your comments gime me strong to draw more Ò u Ó !!


5 Responses to “`cause you also are my sun * D *”

  1. 1 carol June 22, 2008 at 1:54 am

    Love your version of piano palying and I love Taiyou no kisetsu too. Accidentally, I was just re-watching it once again a couple of days ago. Tatsuya is soooo sexy and cool…

  2. 2 chocomonster June 22, 2008 at 8:29 am

    hahha el segon sketch m mola moooooooolt! 😀
    i si larreglessis un pel (ja q dius q es “old” encara mes!

    ja veus, fa la tira i mes q no ens veiem…
    i per fi… vACANCES!!! ^@^//
    saps q? he crescut 3cm mami!!!!
    Es broma es broma! XD;

    chuchuuu!!! ^3^
    set troba a faltar!!

  3. 3 chocomonster June 22, 2008 at 8:35 am

    x cert, menknta la kuki flawa

  4. 4 mich June 23, 2008 at 11:18 am

    I LOVE TAIYOU NO KISETSU!! I LOVE TATSUYA!!!!!!!!! yes, he’s soooo lovable, even when he was evil! and i like eiko too~ she’s kawaii! and ah, actually i dun mind yuki-chan too. she’s quite poor thing actually~ the sub-cast of the drama are nice too ne, like shinji and kouhei… ahh… i remember crying so much in the last episode *sobs*

    and Kiseki is my first contact with T&T songs too! it was the first time i heard takki sing (i didn’t know he could sing before that lol) and becoz of this song, i bought the hatachi album. oh, and i think the title of the piano piece is “For my sun”… i think ^^ i wanted to play this piece so badly, that i bought the piano scores from kinokuniya (it had to be imported from japan)!

    p.s. azuki-style sketch is cute ne!! and i love that pic of them chained up~ reminds me of ‘majo no jouken’…. (sorry for the long comment, i just have so much to say about tatsuya~)

  5. 5 Azuki June 23, 2008 at 1:54 pm

    minna thanks for you coments * D * happy!

    Carol, jejeje, it’s great to rewacth sexy Tatsuya once again.. and again.. ang agaiinn = u = !! XDDDDD

    chocomoster, Neneeeeiiii ja em fa mandra arreglar-ho x..DD la kuki flawa is a sunflower #u , u# !! XD

    omg! THANKS MICH!! I didn’t realize that I put “youre my sun” instead of “for my sun” I think I was thinking on the post title n,nUU BAKAZUKI XD) can you play the pice on the piano? OMG you have to record it * D * !! I LOVE IT !! and in the drama is not very clear to “take” it and convert it on mp3 u , u !!

    so, Kiseki was your first Takki Tsuba song to!? we had a great start ne!? XDDD

    Don’t worry for long comments * D * I don’t mind, it’s true Tat-chan deserves a lot fo words ##= u =## xDD

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